Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon can be awesome a lot of the time. Other times, they can be…a bit naff, really. But we are drawn to Legendary Pokemon all the same, due to their relevance in the story of the Pokemon games, or they just look awesome. We’ll talk about Mythical Pokemon in another post later down the line, though. Same with Ultra Beasts, as it’s debated whether or not they are Legendary. I also won’t include Kubfu and Urshifu, as we don’t know enough about those two to warrant being considered for this list.

I do have to let you know now that next week’s post will be on April 1st. A post I announced back in November will go up in time for April Fool’s.

Here are my opinions on what are my personal favourite Legendary Pokemon. Also to note, Mythical Pokemon will have their own list in the future.

10 – Xerneas


Can we talk about how, as much as pretty Xerneas is (especially its shiny form), it’s done dirty by Geomancy (being a two-turn status move), and lack of STAB moves (only getting Moonblast by level up and Dazzling Gleam by TM)? More could have been done with this Pokemon, and it’s such a shame to see the first Fairy-type Legendary be wasted like this. At least Fairy Aura boosts its two moves, right?

9 – Tapu Koko


I really liked Tapu Koko as soon as it was announced, as I thought it looked awesome and has a great Electric/Fairy typing. It doesn’t get many Fairy-type moves, but at least it has plenty of STAB moves with its Electric typing. I would definitely use it more as an Electric-type attacker anyway.

8 – Kyurem (all forms)


Kyurem (I hate saying this but I have to) is like the Hannah Montana of Pokemon, as it gets the best of both worlds (I’m sorry), being able to be spliced with Reshiram or Zekrom, and both forms look so cool. I kinda wanted to choose one or other of the forms, but I’ll lump all of them here for now. They all deserve their share of love, they’re all good in different ways.

7 – Lugia


Lugia should have been a Water-type, ideally. But it was made a Psychic-type because that type was seen as really strong. And it was a royal pain in the butt for me in Pokemon Go. A combination of raids coming out too early and people would rather do Tyranitar raids (???) ensured I wouldn’t get my hands on one until its re-release nearly a year later. And it was worth the wait though, Hallelugia was a key player back in the day, and I still really like Lugia to this day.

6 – Giratina


We don’t like its five weaknesses, but we love its six resistances and three immunities (when in Origin Forme). While we like Altered Forme, we much prefer Origin Forme, for its switched Attack and Special Attack stats, so we can take advantage of its various physical moveset. We also love its general appearance, and we can’t forget what a lovely shiny it is.

5 – Zacian


I discussed this guy in my Galar Pokemon post, and I still stand by what I said. I don’t really care that it holds its sword in its mouth – I mean, what else is it meant to do, attach it to its head like a unicorn? I think it’s great, especially with the way that the box-art Legendaries tie into the story as genuine legends, I’m glad I went with Sword for Zacian. I don’t know if I would have placed Zamazenta this high if I’d chosen Shield.

4 – Rayquaza


I remember playing Emerald when Groudon and Kyogre were having their bitch-fit and Rayquaza came in going ‘fuck y’all’. I kinda wish we had a similar story to the ORAS games, but I’m happy with its inclusion in the Delta Episode. I love its shiny form too, it fits the Pokemon so well. Plus being able to Mega Evolve without a Mega Stone is disgusting, and no wonder it’s banned from competitive.

3 – Raikou


As I’ve mentioned previously, Raikou is based on my favourite prehistoric creature, which is the sabre-toothed tiger. It has a great appearance that appeals to me, much more than Entei and Suicune do (not that they have bad designs, I just prefer Raikou). I love Raikou’s shiny form, too. It was heartbreaking not initially getting a shiny Raikou on its release in Pokemon Go, but I got one traded later on down the line.

2 – Zapdos


I’ve talked about this Pokemon so much already, it’s literally the first Legendary I ever came across. It’s that special feeling that I got when I encountered and caught Zapdos which made it a staple in my favourites lists (and I still chose to join Team Valor instead of Instinct). Its shiny form is horrible, but we still have to give love to Zapdos, even if it is due to the nostalgia goggles.

1 – Dialga


Dialga has such a great typing from the get-go, being able to hold its own against its mortal enemy, the Fairy-type. Even Ice- and Dragon-types will also only do neutral damage to Dialga. With its Steel-type, it gains Iron Tail and Flash Cannon and considering its very impressive Attack and Special Attack stats, that’s all it really needs to send the Fairy-type packing. Let’s not forget its disgustingly good Roar of Time. Absolutely beautiful Pokemon.

Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon Ranked

It’s about time I ranked all of the pseudo-legendary Pokemon, and considering we have nine of them, I can’t exactly do a top 10 list. So I’m ranking them instead.

If you’ve forgotten, all pseudo-legendary Pokemon have to have the following attributes: they have to have a base stat total of 600, they have to have a three-stage evolution line, and they need to have 1,250,000 experience at level 100.

We good? Great! So here is my list of pseudo-legendary Pokemon, from least favourite to favourite.



I mentioned before that I felt that Goodra was probably bottom of this list, but since then, I’ve changed my mind (yes, I’m allowed). I simply use Tyranitar in Pokemon Go, and that’s because it’s the best Rock-type attacker that I currently have that’s any good. Otherwise, I don’t really have a lot of love for it, but I appreciate it for what it is. Its shiny doesn’t really stand out either.



I always forget Kommo-o’s status as a pseudo-legendary Pokemon because it’s so easy to one-shot it with a simple Fairy-type move. It looks awesome, and if I had the places on my team for such a Pokemon, then fair game. However, it loses points because I always forget it exists as a pseudo-legendary. I do love its shiny though.



I think the entire line is quite adorable – even though it’s essentially a gooey dragon. It’s a bit lower on the list because I feel that Goodra should have been dual Dragon/Water, considering it evolves after level 50 when in normal rainy weather. This added element would have made it a bit better – but I have to give a shout-out to its shiny, which is lovely as heck.



Here we have the OG himself, and I really enjoy Dragonite for what it’s worth – it’s just a shame it tends to be outclassed by a lot of other Dragon-type Pokemon in the meta (looking at you Rayquaza). The one thing I dislike about it though is its shiny form – I’d rather it became the blue colour that we saw in Dratini and Dragonair.



Salamence is great. Salamence is class. Salamence is a generally less bulky Dragonite (albeit with more attacking power). We all like Salamence, but perhaps not its Mega Evolution, but I adore the shiny throughout the evolution line too, so it wins some bonus points there.



Here we have the other of two Hoenn pseudo-legendaries, not to mention Steven’s ace, Metagross. I put Metagross higher on this list for two reasons: 1) its Mega Evolution is far superior to that of Salamence, and 2) I prefer this shiny. I have fond memories of running to find a wild Metang in Nottingham when it was first released, and I love the concept of several Beldum coming together to form the Metagross.



Garchomp cleans house. It looks absolutely ferocious, exactly what you’d expect a land shark Pokemon to look like. Its only problem is its insane rarity in Pokemon Go – I’ve only seen two Gible in the wild since it was released earlier in 2019. They were essentially a spoofer’s prize, and it’s clear to see why, given that it’s so powerful.



In Pokemon Go, its predecessor Deino suffers the same problem as Gible does – and that comes down to its insane rarity. But it doesn’t have the power that Garchomp does, but I like Hydreigon more because it’s a fricking hydra, and I like how the evolution line just adds an extra head each time, much in the same way as the Doduo line (but much cooler). Shame about that 4x weakness to Fairy, though (much like Kommo-o).



I’ve already talked loads about Dragapult, and it all still stands – I like how it basically shoots its own children to attack (and if Dragapult is shiny, then the Dreepy are both shiny too). It’s a cool, sinister-looking Pokemon, and I had it in my final team going into the battle against Leon.

Top 10 Gigantamax Pokemon

Hey! We’re definitely in the swing of the top 10 lists, and we’ll carry on – this time, with Gigantamax Pokemon! This will obviously include the Pokemon that are currently coded into the game, and not part of the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansions that we will be seeing later this year.

I won’t keep you too long, so without further ado, here are my opinions!

10 – Butterfree


Butterfree was done dirty when it didn’t get a Mega Evolution back in Gen 6, so I’m happy that Butterfree got some love, and I’ve been enjoying taking them on in the Max Raid event that it first came out in. I don’t really use them, but I think out of the options we have, it’s definitely up in the top 10!

9 – Flapple/Appletun


I put them both in the same ranking because even though they originate from different Pokemon, and they have a different G-Max move, they are essentially the same in terms of design. I remember going into a Max Raid hoping it was Appletun, as I was on Sword, and I’d jumped into someone else’s raid. It was Appletun, thankfully, and I managed to catch it.

8 – Alcremie


Looking at Gigantamax Alcremie makes me hungry, and also kinda reminds me of this Safiya Nygaard video. Gigantamax Alcremie goes from being a simple pile of cream to an actual wedding cake, and I’m not gonna lie, I want this design for my own wedding cake.

7 – Orbeetle


Orbeetle is literally a huge UFO beetle, and it’s a great concept to build upon the original Orbeetle. It’s a fitting design, and I ended up with a 6IV one with Telepathy. Orbeetle is a great choice to add to the Gigantamax roster – it’s a Pokemon that I really like, but I just forget occasionally.

6 – Corviknight


I really liked the concept of Corviknight, and the Gigantamax form makes it more intimidating with its lengthened wingspan. I’d be intimidated if a Gigantamax Corviknight was in a dark alley, not gonna lie. It’s not higher on this list though because it doesn’t add a whole lot else to Corviknight in terms of any of its features.

5 – Kingler


Kingler was a Pokemon that I didn’t expect to get a Gigantamax form, but I’m glad it did, just for its sheer beauty. It kinda looks like one of those crabs that looks very tasty (I’m not really a crab connoisseur, I just think crab cannelloni is a beautiful dish).

4 – Gengar


Gengar looks absolutely menacing here, and it takes cues from its Mega Evolution, where it partially sinks into the ground. Gengar here kinda looks like one of those haunted tunnels you see in theme parks, coupled with the tongue to make a kind of red carpet. Its shiny also takes cues from its Mega Evolution, turning white instead of just a few shades darker. Gengar is up there in terms of its main design elements!

3 – Centiskorch


Centiskorch was the bane of my existence, having gone through so many Max Raid battles just to get my first Gigantamax, and I think I named it Sunuvame afterwards. So I finally got one, and I don’t think I’ve used it since, because I haven’t found the right opportunity to use one when I’m set in my ways, but I love the design though.

2 – Sandaconda


Sandaconda was my first Gigantamax catch, and I was so happy with it. It ended up being a part of my final team, and even though I didn’t use the Gigantamax against Leon, it was still a great thing to have on the backburner to make things a little easier if I needed that trump card.

1 – Toxtricity


My favourite Pokemon has a Gigantamax form that as of February has been released. I’m disappointed that it didn’t have a story-based event, considering it’s hinted at being the Pokemon on the hillside in Turffield. Nonetheless, it’s a lovely G-Max, and its G-Max Stun Shock move is horrendously good, with its infliction of status conditions that can be crippling to an unprepared opponent. I was so happy to finally get a G-Max version of Neo.

Top 10 Mega Evolutions

The concept of Mega Evolutions may be dead and long gone, but I can’t help but reminisce of what could have been. We still have questions, like if they’ll ever be brought back in any capacity. I feel that they will be featured in Pokemon Go, but I doubt there’ll be any new ones created.

But let’s reminisce about my personal top 10 Mega Evolutions.


10 – Rayquaza


Broken. The fact that it doesn’t have to hold a Mega Stone makes it broken as hell. It’s just broken.

9 – Blaziken


Mega Blaziken doesn’t need the Speed Boost Ability, with the base Speed stat of 100. But it bloody got it anyway, and it can clean house. I’ve heard a lot about Mega Blaziken being able to finish an entire X/Y story by itself and I’m not surprised, with the base 160 Attack. Oh boy, you don’t want to mess with this burning chicken of death.

8 – Kangaskhan


One thing I love about Mega Kangaskhan is that it’s the baby that Mega Evolves rather than the mother herself. In Gen 6, Parental Bond was broken, with the second attack being half as strong as the first, but was reduced to 25% in Gen 7 – bear in mind Mega Kangaskhan’s base Attack is 125. It’s the ultimate parent/child tag-team.

7 – Mewtwo Y


Mega Mewtwo Y (we’ll call it Y from here on out) keeps to its roots in terms of its Special Attack capabilities – its base stat is a monstrous 194. The reason why it’s better than X is that the vast majority of moves that Mewtwo learns by level up are Special moves, with the exception of Psycho Cut. Admittedly, Mewtwo Y is broken, although not as broken as Rayquaza.

6 – Altaria


I quite like that Mega Altaria gets rid of its 4x weakness to Ice in this Mega Evolution, and is the only Dragon-type that is immune to itself, because of its newly-added Fairy-type. Aside from HP and Speed, it also has quite an even stat spread, allowing you to do what you want with this literal cloud.

5 – Swampert


I chose Mudkip as my starter in ORAS, and boy was he a bruiser, especially when I chose to Mega Evolve him. He’s still not the fastest thing on the field, but he hits so hard – although I think his low Speed is credited to the fact he skipped leg day. He was just so fun to bring out for a bit of extra strength on the team.

4 – Ampharos


I love this walking shampoo advert. The Mega Evolution adds to its already impressive Special Attack but takes away from its Speed a little. If we had Mega Evolutions in the Johto region, I probably would have chosen Ampharos for my Mega slot, personally.

3 – Aerodactyl


I love that Aerodactyl was the only Fossil Pokemon that can Mega Evolve, and it didn’t need it, but it ended up gaining one, building on its already incredible Speed stat and made its Attack stat a lot more viable than before. Plus it looks absolutely badass, with rocks covering it in its supposed true form, according to the Pokedex.

2 – Mawile


Mawile had a huge glow-up concerning its Mega Evolution. It was just an average Pokemon but gains huge boosts in Attack, Defense and Special Defense. It also gains the Huge Power Ability which doubles the Attack stat. Basically, Mega Mawile has a base Attack stat of 210, which is disgusting. I’ll probably use Mega Mawile more if I do another ORAS playthrough in the future.

1 – Absol


I have to go with Absol, as it was one of the Mega Evolutions I used to love using in ORAS alongside Swampert. Its Magic Bounce Ability was fun to troll throughout the game, and like others on this list, builds on its already-impressive Physical Attack stat. Plus Mega Absol is beautiful, even just to look at.


Top 10 Galar Pokemon

‘Allo, ‘allo, ‘allo! We’ve come to the final part of this current top 10 series, and don’t worry – there’s plenty more to come! I want to go over my choice for top 10 Pokemon from the Galar region! These choices do not include Pokemon from the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansions that we will see later this year.

So here are my choices:

10 – Corviknight


I’ve loved Corviknight since it was revealed, and I love the entire line, to be honest. I love its Steel-typing to go along with its clear Flying-type, and its design reminded me of Honchkrow and Skarmory combined, and I’m very happy with it, despite not using it much. I love the idea that they’re used as a taxi service, and its shiny form is gorgeous too.

9 – Rapidash


Having had the Sword version, being surprise-traded this beauty as a Ponyta was great! While the role could have been filled with Hatterene, I found myself wanting to use Rapidash more, especially as it was the Galarian form that I was most excited for since its announcement. I still use Rapidash when I do certain Max Raid battles.

8 – Dracovish


This thing is literally disgusting. How is it that this unassuming Pokemon has those Fishious Rend, Strong Jaw, Choice Band strats? I’m amazed by it, and I can’t wait to hunt a shiny so I can get in on that competitive scene at some point. Also at least this thing doesn’t have an upside-down head…

7 – Cursola


I hunted for a shiny Corsola back in December, and I got one on Christmas Day, and named it Scrooge because it was the Christmas coral! Cursola builds on the lore of Galarian Corsola, of which it’s based on bleached, and therefore basically dead coral. I love its Hidden Ability, Perish Body, which activates upon being attacked, and both Cursola and the attacker will faint after 3 turns. We love a good Cursola!

6 – Arctozolt


Arctozolt is personally my favourite of the mismatched fossils, shirking the trope of being part Rock-type, instead going for Electric/Ice, which we’ve never seen before (Rotom Frost aside). The poor thing literally shivers and it’s adorable as hell. Apart from speed, it has solid base stats across the board, and it’s so vibrant that you couldn’t not notice it.


5 – Falinks


Falinks made it this high up purely because of this Twitter page. I loved Falinks anyway, from its origin as being based on the phalanx formation, to its gorgeously-animated No Retreat animation, as well as its shiny form. Falinks is a very well-rounded Pokemon, and I can’t find much wrong with it. Its place in the Pokedex and my list is very…meme-ingful!

4 – Cinderace


I have to give you some backstory. In Scunthorpe, our football (or soccer to you American readers) team has a mascot known as the Scunny Bunny. We also had a legendary striker known as Billy Sharp. Good ol’ days. So in honour, I named my Scorbunny Billy. And it’s the first time in a long time I had so much fun with a Fire-type starter. Its Pyro Ball signature move is beautiful, and I can’t wait until it gets its Hidden Ability, Libero.

3 – Frosmoth


I love that this majestic creature came from the very cute Snom. It has a great shiny too, and I really need to hunt this shiny (if I haven’t hunted this shiny by the time this goes out, please tell me to!). It is one of the Pokemon that made me pay attention to Ice-types, and it’s improved my view on the type in general.

2 – Dragapult


Dragapult did something that hasn’t happened for a while, and that was a pseudo-legendary Pokemon that I immediately loved upon first sight. I was so happy to have been surprise-traded a battle-ready Dreepy with the right nature. It became a fun Pokemon to use, especially during the battle against Leon.

1 – Toxtricity


Toxtricity has done what I thought was impossible, and surpassed a lot of my long-standing favourites and made itself king of the castle. In my other post about all-time favourite Pokemon, Toxtricity’s entry was surprising to those who have known me for a long time. I’ve enjoyed using Toxtricity, and Gigantamax Toxtricity even more so – I did hunt hard for this when it first came out.

Even More Pokemon Concepts

You’ll remember last month I made a collaborative post with my good friend Tim, where we took the remaining unused type combinations and came up with our own Pokemon concepts. As you probably saw, all of mine were Pokemon I had created for the Lumaria region. That was unintentional, but I ran with it anyway.

I wanted to go over some new Pokemon that I’d created that were ineligible for that post. These are ten of my favourites from what is left.


Sporleao is the first of the Sports Trio. They’re not Legendaries, but they are part of a set. Sporleao is Grass/Fighting and is based on the crest of Sporting CP. Its name is a portmanteau of ‘Sporting’ and the Portuguese word for ‘lion’. Its only Ability is Derby, where the users Attack and Defense stats are raised by two stages if another Pokemon with Derby is on the battlefield.


Benfeagle is the second of the Sports Trio. Benfeagle is Flying/Fighting and is based on the crest of Benfica. Its name is a portmanteau of ‘Benfica’ and ‘eagle’, and Benfeagle takes on the appearance of an eagle. It also gets Derby as its only Ability.


Portogon is the third of the Sports Trio. Portogon is Dragon/Fighting and is based on the crest of FC Porto. Its name is a portmanteau of  ‘Porto’ and ‘dragon’, and Portogon takes on the appearance of a dragon. Like its counterparts, it gets Derby as its only Ability. These three are the Sports Trio because they are based on the “Big Three” teams in Portugal.


Laramime was actually conceptualised (but not yet designed) as part of my Drag Race Season 11 concepts, where I come up with concepts for Pokemon based on the runway looks. I used Yvie Oddly’s look for the Orange Alert runway theme as inspiration for this. Laramime’s name comes from ‘laranja’, or ‘orange’, and ‘mime’. Laramime is Fire/Psychic, and its Ability is Contrary, because why not?


A final evolution for pre-existing Pokemon counts, right? Welcome Dodquad, the final evolution of Doduo. This came from a joke that I started, saying that I was disappointed there wasn’t a final evolution with four heads called Dodquad. My friend, Steve, joked about the Dodquad God Squad. Let’s just say that Dodquad keeps the Normal/Flying-type combination, and keeps the Abilities – Early Bird, Run Away and Tangled Feet for its Hidden Ability.


We didn’t get any new Eeveelutions for Galar, so I made some up myself. The first is Cicadeon, the Bug-type Eeveelution. Eevee would evolve into Cicadeon when levelled up holding a Silver Powder. Its Ability is Layered Skin, where the Pokemon’s shedding skin protects it from one attack per battle. Cicadeon is based on the cicadas that you hear during the summer days.

The next is Wyveon, the Dragon-type Eeveelution. Eevee would evolve into Wyveon when levelled up holding a Dragon Scale. Its Ability is Dragon Power, where all Normal moves become Dragon-type, and the power of said moves is boosted a little. Wyveon is based on a wyvern.

The last Eeveelution is Metalleon, the Steel-type Eeveelution. Eevee would evolve into Metalleon when levelled up holding a Metal Coat. I’m thinking a suit of armour similar to the design of the Assault Wyvern from Yu-Gi-Oh! would be best for Metalleon.


This one was actually a request from my friend Steve when I asked which Pokemon should get an evolution. He chose Jynx, as he stated that its counterparts, Electabuzz and Magmar, got evolutions. Following that trend, Harmonice was created, to build on the Nicki Minaj jokes, honestly. Harmonice is a slimmer build, looking more like an opera singer (so competition for Primarina, then). Harmonice keeps the Ice/Psychic typing, along with the Abilities Oblivious, Forewarn and Dry Skin (Hidden), like the rest of its family. Jynx will evolve into Harmonice when traded holding a Harmonizer, an item that also has the effect of boosting any sound-based moves.


Odditee is a Mythical Pokemon and is a general oddity. Its name is given because its true name has been lost over generations. Odditee is the main driving force behind Team Silencio’s work, even though it isn’t the mastermind. Team Silencio’s ambition is to reveal Odditee by silencing the other Pokemon. Odditee is ultimately summoned by Fadoria and Amarera in post-story. Odditee is Fairy/Poison and has two unique Abilities – Me Too and Power Share. For Me Too, when another Pokemon raises its stats, so does Odditee (yep, it’s pretty broken). With Power Share, the last Pokemon in the party shares its highest stat with Odditee, allowing the latter to raise that stat by two stages.

Odditee’s design was actually inspired by Yvie Oddly’s famous finale look and was conceptualised for that Drag Race concept challenge.

I really want to draw these – I’m actually still in the process of drawing Odditee as we speak. But I’d like to reveal more new Pokemon like this in the future!

Top 10 Alola Pokemon

Alola, and welcome to my penultimate post in this current part of the series! After next week’s post, there’ll be more top 10 posts, about other Pokemon topics!

Anyway, here’s my list of top 10 Alolan Pokemon!

10 – Ribombee


Ribombee is one of the cutest Pokemon in this generation – it’s so tiny, and it has an adorable little scarf. Its shiny form is great, too, and it was one that I SOS-chained for! But the Totem Ribombee shredded me good at one point. What a beast!

9 – Golispod


Golisopod is a fun one to use, but really only when it evolves into Golisopod. Wimpod is a literal wimp and is a real fast critter, but Golisopod hits harder and looks deadly serious. It’s worth the long grind to level 30 to get this Pokemon.

8 – Mudsdale


I enjoyed using Mudsdale a lot when playing through Ultra Sun. I had one with Stamina, and it worked wonders when I got hit by an attack. It makes Mudsdale even bulkier than it already is, and had a solid role on my team through to the end. Its shiny form kinda looks like it rolled in some Cheetos though.

7 – Drampa


Our good ol’ dragon grandpa (sounds like my favourite franchise, does it not?), this thing looks so wacky in its design but it’s great all the same. It has a very interesting type combination of Normal/Dragon, which is unique to Drampa, and while I never got the version that it comes in, I appreciate it nonetheless, and I can’t wait to hunt for its gorgeous shiny form, too.

6 – Tapu Koko


This had always been my favourite of the Guardian Deities since it was first announced. It combines the two types that I really gravitated towards at the time, being Electric and Fairy. I feel that it has the best design, and probably gave me the least amount of grief when trying to catch it before. Its shiny form also looks awesome, and it also played a vital role in the story, just like the next entrant.

5 – Nihilego


My favourite of the Ultra Beasts, Nihilego gives off that creep-factor I come to expect from Ultra Beasts, especially its merging with Lusamine in Sun/Moon. While it’s definitely very frail physically (a single Earthquake can knock one of these flat out), it is very capable in delivering special attacks while defending itself from special attacks itself.

4 – Mimikyu


Mimikyu is a special kind of Pokemon – so much so, there is a song dedicated to this Pokemon! While I’ve never had a Mimikyu on any of my main teams, I still love it for its lore and typing of Ghost/Fairy. I’d love to see Mimikyu disguised as other Pokemon, but I’m still curious as to what’s underneath the costume…

3 – Stufful


Stufful is just the cutest thing in Alola, from its appearance to its cry. I love Bewear as well, but Stufful is just another kind of precious. I remember SOS-chaining for a shiny Stufful, and I managed to get one and name her Sophie!

2 – Primarina


Everyone hated Popplio when it was first announced, but I was laughing in the sound of a Kommo-o defeat courtesy of Primarina (although any Fairy-type would have done the same, really). I enjoyed using Primarina so much in Sun that I went for Popplio again in Ultra Sun, just to prolong the amount of fun that I was having.

1 – Charjabug


I had so much fun using Charjabug in Ultra Sun that I was dreading evolving it into Vikavolt. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vikavolt, but I love everything about Charjabug, from its appearance to its accordion-based cry, and its shiny form is literally a big red bus!