Why I Quit Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO? More like…Pokemon NO! Wow, never thought I’d make that joke in 2020.

It’s finally happened, and for the first time, on a Saturday morning, I uninstalled Pokemon GO. It wasn’t a quick uninstall/reinstall to fix a bug, but it was a complete uninstall. I’d removed myself from most of the groups and even Poketubers (I just didn’t connect with them on that sort of level, although a lot of them seem like really nice people). I also did spend some time using up the Incense that we got for 1 coin, though.

So why did I decide to quit? I’ll tell you!

Disinterest in heavily-pushed features

A lot of the newer features that they’ve brought out for the game recently, I have little to no interest in. I was hugely in raids when they first came out, but the current emphasis on GO Rocket and GBL doesn’t interest me. Don’t get me wrong, I have an interest in competitive battle in the main-series game. It just doesn’t interest me while playing GO.

Prioritising bug fixes

There is a precedent set with Niantic – any errors that positively impact players get fixed in minutes, while any game-breaking glitches and exploits that allow cheating are not a priority to them. There are a lot of players actively exploiting an issue with GO Battle League, and it impacts the opposing players who are trying to play legitimately. This hasn’t been properly fixed by Niantic, and like the dodge glitch, I doubt it will at any point soon to the point where we no longer see messages about it on Twitter.

However, the very useful ‘last ball used’ and ‘back-button to fast catch’ were patched within a few days of discovery.

Lacklustre, multiple events

The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was the list of March’s events. I thought there were too many events in February, but March took the cake, as well as the various raid weekends. I even kept a list of 2020 events and after each one, I wrote up the opinions, and they weren’t good. These events have been consistent in how demotivating they were.

Emphasis on monetisation

I made a post a while back discussing the impact and future of microtransactions in Pokemon GO. And it’s safe to say, looking back, I think I saw it coming. I mentioned that events were starting to be focused around what could be monetised, whether it’s eggs or raids, and while it’s nothing new, the fact that a lot of the new Pokemon featured in these events (Darumaka, party hat Wurmple, etc.) were locked behind eggs during the event, it caused a lot of issues in the community.

There is even going to be a paid part of Community Day when it returns, which doesn’t help matters – this was planned for Abra Community Day, which has since been postponed.

We even had a lot of issues with Niantic failing to include the VAT in the advertised price for Liverpool Safari Zone, which had a lot of people (myself included) up in arms. In the UK, you have to include VAT as part of the sales price. Some sales companies include both a VAT and without VAT prices to compare. Some companies declare the VAT in the cost break-down before purchase, which is what Niantic did, but not in the advertised price. They had since rectified this.

We’re right in the middle of the Genesect event, which was a pay-to-participate, much like Registeel. However, this was advertised as playable from home, which isn’t possible if you are under lockdown and cannot retrieve Gifts to send to people. Those within the western hemisphere were also granted a regional, Durant, while the eastern side was not compensated by getting Heatmor instead.

Shiny hunting is biased

I feel that shiny hunting is hugely biased in three ways: new players, returning players and paying players. Since I stopped paying into the game regularly, I’ve noticed I ended up with a lot fewer shinies than before – I haven’t hatched a shiny since September. There had been a lot of anecdotes about new players immediately getting a shiny.

So I feel that the more that you pay into the game, the more shinies you get. I also stopped frequently playing, and I opened the game to check some information for research, and I ended up with a shiny Grimer. I reinstalled the game to use the abundant Incense – a shiny Meditite appeared. I brought out my second account for the first time in a long time for Lickitung Raid Day – that second account got the shiny, and it also got the first shiny for Rhyhorn day.

Gatcha mechanics – shiny and egg rates not disclosed

Niantic has come under fire hugely of late, for not disclosing shiny and egg rates. I guess they feel that they don’t have to do the work because we’re aware that The Silph Road does that. It’s frustrating not knowing exactly what is happening in the game. It’s great that TSR, Leekduck and GO Hub are compiling the information necessary in amazing, easy to read formats, but we want Niantic to have to do this themselves.

Niantic should be able to tell us exactly what is in the egg pools (aside from ‘You might find Pokemon such as X and Y in Zkm Eggs’). They should be providing us with this information, rather than everyone having to rely on third parties to give us this information.

Falling behind

I felt that I was focusing too hard on not falling behind, more like a compulsion to make sure that Pokedex was constantly completely filled (regionals aside, and even then I was anxious about that). As more new Pokemon came out, they got so much rarer, so you’d still only see the currently spawning ones. I think there are a lot of people that still don’t have a Gible, and even more so that don’t have Deino or Axew. It’s not quite the same as the FOMO, but it’s still horrible.


I feel completely burnt out by it. I’ve had a few occasions where I felt mildly burnt out, but put the game on for the sake of it. But I, at times, would only put the game on at home maybe once or twice a day, just to check the surroundings. But I would just get bored with not a lot to do.

Toxic community

Unfortunately, our community here in Scunthorpe is pretty toxic. It generally comes from Instinct players, especially the newer ones. It got to the point where my good friend Sam created a separate group for people that he felt were the best people to discuss the game and have a banter with.

We also have a Wayfarer chat, but with the exceptionally harsh criticisms from a couple of the people in there, in particular, I didn’t feel comfortable. One of those people actually left the smaller group that Sam created because of me (maybe I bantered too hard? Who cares!).


I want to discuss something that has nothing to do with the game but has a contributing factor. I want to discuss this at length in the future, but I’ll shorten the story. My narcissist step-dad decided that Pokemon GO was as bad as prostitution – he tried playing the game but couldn’t get along with it, so decided it was the worst thing in the world (to compare, he’s an alcoholic). In turn, it led me to self-isolation, which is something I haven’t been able to shake off, even in the five months that I’ve lived out of that house. I probably have seen a therapist by the time this goes up, but I’m hoping it gets better eventually.

NOTE: This is not the same self-isolation that we’ve had for the coronavirus, I’m talking about the self-isolation due to mental health issues.

Yeah, I realise that this is a bit of a long list. But that’s just the way things have gone.

We’re Rearranging The Pokemon GO Egg Pool – Adventure Sync Edition

You may recall back in the day when we rearranged the egg pools so that they would be much improved. And then Niantic did that for us, and then again. But today, I want to talk about the Adventure Sync egg pools, and why they need changing.

This is what I think should happen!

The Problem

We have a problem with the current pools of Adventure Sync, in that they aren’t worth waiting for. We have the current egg pools:

5km: Combee, Buizel, Bronzor, Croagunk, Finneon, Snover

10km: Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum, Shinx, Riolu

The problem – 5km eggs:

It’s clear to see what the immediate problem is with these eggs. For the 5km eggs, they have chosen what seems to be a random assortment of Sinnoh Pokemon, instead of choosing others that may be more sought after. I feel that the most sought-after of these is Bronzor, or perhaps give Croagunk its shiny form for when this reshuffle happens. But a lot of these are undesired Pokemon that nobody wants to waste their time with when they could potentially fill their egg space with a rarer Pokemon that is needed for a Pokedex entry, or a shiny.

The solution:

Give priority to Pokemon which are very much sought-after, whether because they have shiny forms or they are very well-received.

New pool: Shelmet, Karrablast, Scyther, Skarmory, Croagunk, Roggenrola

I chose these six for a few reasons. Karrablast and Shelmet are relatively uncommon but are great for trade evolutions. If Croagunk was given its shiny, that would be lovely. Not everyone has had good luck with getting a Roggenrola, and Scyther and Skarmory have sought-after shinies.

The problem – 10km eggs:

As for 10km, it’s the same exact issue as we had before the major reshuffle. Out of all of these currently, only Riolu is sought-after due to Lucario’s position in the Fighting meta, as well as its recently released shiny. After having hatched nothing but Dratini, Larvitar and Beldum in the previous 10km batch before the shake-up, we’re saving another egg slot for this.

The solution:

As with the 5km egg pool, give priority to Pokemon who are heavily sought-after.

New pool: Gible, Timburr, Litwick, Deino, Riolu, Axew

Riolu stays in the egg pool, as it is hugely sought-after as Lucario is a meta-relevant Fighting-type attacker. The same is said for Conkeldurr, so Timburr gets the pass. After that, Gible and Deino are two pseudo-legendary Pokemon families that don’t get a lot of love in this game. Axew is another Pokemon that is super-rare, but hugely sought-after. I’m not sure if I know anyone who dislikes Haxorus.

What do you guys think? Please let me know if you’d make any changes to this pool! I feel that better rewards would make the Adventure Sync more worthwhile, especially in terms of keeping an egg slot open for these Pokemon.





Pokemon GO Changes – COVID-19

A lot has happened in the wake of the Coronavirus making its way across the world, and there have been precautions taken in various countries to keep people safe (as of writing this, the UK has not taken these precautions).

LeekDuck did an amazing Abra Community Day edit which I decided to use for my featured photo. Thank you LeekDuck for your amazing infograpghics.



As we are aware, the St. Louis Safari Zone has been postponed, but there isn’t any word yet on any of the other Safari Zones. Currently, the Genesect Special Research is still to go ahead (I’ll share my feelings on that in another post). I feel that we will get more information on events such as Raid Hours and the Genesect Research closer to the time.

However, Abra Community Day has been cancelled for all countries (this was originally cancelled only in Japan, South Korea and Italy). While a lot of people have complained, please remember that a Community Day will amass a lot more popularity than a ticketed Special Research, and therefore a higher chance of spreading the coronavirus.



It’s worth noting that these changes are taking place until further notice. New quality-of-life updates have been brought in  – just yesterday (12th March) we saw a box of 30 Incense for ONE coin. No, it wasn’t a glitch or a bug, Niantic announced this in the same post as the postponed Community Day. It is a one-time purchase, and the rate of spawns for Incense has increased dramatically (I would say it’s like the Meltan box), and Incense lasts for one hour.

Along with this, there were given information that Pokestops will drop Gifts more frequently, and eggs that are placed into incubators during this period will be 1/2 distance, and there will be more Pokemon spawn points.

As before, we also have Legendary Pokemon as rewards in GO Battle League, for those who don’t want to (or can’t) raid with other people. Niantic has also confirmed the removal of the walking requirement for GO Battle League, in order to prioritise safety for the next 30 days, as well as the distance battling for Friends being reduced to a minimum of Good Friends.

Niantic has also announced that aside from EX Raids that have already been scheduled, there will be no new EX Raid invitations. This means that, possibly, we may never see a Regigigas EX Raid in this cycle again. Genesect is the next featured EX Raid, coming in April.

Next Steps: Bridging The Gap


Get it? Bridging? It’s a bridge? Tough crowd, huh.

On a more serious note, I think that while we have these measures in place, more could be done to help others. One of the things that keeps being brought up, especially now, is distance trading. Right now, we still have to be close to someone to trade, and it’s not beneficial if we get Lucky Friends with someone but can’t trade with them, even locally. To not make it too broken, I would suggest, like non-GBL PVP, we could be Ultra Friends with someone before doing a distance trade.

Niantic could also bring out a long-awaited feature – a home base. This home base can be a customisable Pokestop that only you can visit, and can only stay at your house. Instead of normal Pokestops, this can only be spun every ten minutes. This is because then it would be too over-powered. That way, they can also obtain Gifts to send to other friends, as well as maintain Field Research tasks and GO Rocket battles.

Speaking of Field Research, any tasks that require extensive walking, battling in Gyms and Raids should be temporarily removed in favour of any tasks that involve catching Pokemon, with the rewards that could have been obtained by the removed tasks.

Another way to make safety possible is either allowing 4* and 5* raids to be soloed, or even reducing the amount of those raids, to prevent possible large gatherings.

The safest thing to do would be to postpone all events to discourage reckless gameplay at this time. But that’s just my opinion.

So that’s the basics of what’s happening at the moment (as of 13th March, of course). Remember to stay safe, self-isolate if needs be and wash your hands! Also, hand sanitiser rocks!

I Quit Pokemon GO for a Week

So I quit Pokemon Go.

I mean, I wrote earlier the reasons why I almost quit, and why I haven’t quit yet. Until now, that is. I decided to quit actively playing, only opening the game to check on eggs or Adventure Sync, so perhaps only once or twice per day.

So…how did it go down?

The Beginning of the End

I preface this by saying that I’m a Day One player, and up until now have not missed a day of solid gameplay which at least consisted of a Pokestop spin, a catch and a completed Research Task (okay, I missed two days of Research back in 2018, but we only had one Pokestop and the task was to spin 10 Pokestops).

It started on 29th February, when news broke about all of March’s events. Truth be told, I felt very bogged down at that point, and the cracks were already there. So I decided (after catching a Pikachu and opening some gifts earlier) that I wasn’t going to play for a while, only opening the game to open eggs and claim an Adventure Sync reward. I’d originally planned the week’s break for just after the Pokemon Day event, but I decided to do it earlier because I wasn’t missing out on much – I’d already got a shiny party-hat Eevee, after all.

I didn’t uninstall, as I was keeping Adventure Sync going, but I wasn’t interested in playing. And it took a while to get out of the habit of checking my phone for any Pokemon, as I’ve been used to having my phone in my hand for the better part of four years.

However, it meant that I would also be missing out on the Gengar/Nidoran Raid Day, which I wasn’t particularly bothered about, and having read that the shiny rates were abysmal, I didn’t want any part of that. The only time I checked in on the game was to get the eggs hatched. However, throughout the rest of the day, I did have the urge to check on the game, and that goes to show the habits that I’d formed over the past few years, and I needed to be able to break those habits.

It Started Sinking In…

It was the same the very next day, although I wanted to claim the Adventure Sync rewards and to check on the hatching eggs. It really wasn’t worth it, and while it was odd not playing on the bus journeys, it meant that I was nearly falling asleep on the bus instead.

I also started thinking about the long-term for this, and what I was going to do after this. Sometimes if I was bored, I would switch to play Pokemon Go, and while it would encourage me to leave the house, I no longer felt compelled to leave the house as much as I used to be. While I initially based this blog as Pokemon Go-based, because I ventured out into other avenues, I no longer require Pokemon Go. I still had to write up posts that I’d started.

I’d also removed myself from the Telegram groups – both the main chat and the Wayfarer – the latter was down to elitism and the former was due to it being relegated to a shiny show-off group. Plus it allowed me to take more focus from the game, but I’ve stayed in the much smaller group because there aren’t that many of us in there.

I managed to tear myself away from caring about what other people do with their accounts, and I realised along the way that I stopped caring what other people do in-game. I have my own worries and problems, I don’t need to worry about what other people do with pixels on a screen.

The End

I did open my game to sort out some things (mainly to do with Home integration), and I got a shiny Grimer…okay.

And finally, on March 7th, I uninstalled the game. Yes, I will be reinstalling for Community Day.

Final thoughts? Yeah, it’s been good to not have to worry about constantly playing and still being behind on things. I think the break from the game may extend with the exception of Community Days, and even then that’s only because I still want to write round-up posts (they do generally well on here, after all).

Ways to Improve Regular Events in Pokemon GO

Normal, regular events tend to be boring of late, and I want to spice them up! By regular events, I mean those that are always solidified in our calendars (barring one on this list, but it’s a forward-plan). They aren’t spontaneous events or a party-hat party.

I spoke to my good friend, Sam, to help me with some ideas that might improve our events. I also came up with some myself.

Raid Hour

Change times and days depending on the season

I think a lunch hour would work better during the winter seasons, whereas in summer it can remain at 6pm. Obviously, have these switched depending on the season in each hemisphere. I’m saying this for safety reasons.

2 or 3 guaranteed free Raid Passes for the hour

Having more Raid Passes would be great, as to incentivise raiding more. These Raid Passes would only be available for this hour, so make sure you use them up!

Mix up the Pokemon

We had a massive Raid Hour during the Extraordinary Raid Week event last year, and I think it’d be great to bring that concept back. I’d like to see a theme of raids depending on the week. So for example, an hour dedicated to 1* Raids, or an hour dedicated to Shinx (are Shinx even in normal Raid pools now, haven’t seen one in forever?). It’s so that it switches things up from being 5* only.

Raid Hour Field Research

I’d like to see the idea of Raid Hour Field Research, like ‘Win 2 Raids’ and receive items or Pokemon that are raid-locked (such as Shinx, Klink, Timburr, Mawile, Absol, Alolan Raichu/Marowak and Galarian Weezing), or for a Pokemon encounter that’s locked behind GO Battle League (such as Rufflet or Scraggy). It’d encourage more people to do Raid Hours.

Spotlight Hour

Never do a Spotlight Hour without a featured Pokemon

This is a given. For the first two Spotlight Hours, we had Onix and Spoink featured. But we’ve had two more since that only increased the spawns, without any Pokemon featured. This should never happen – at least draw the players into a Spotlight Hour with an uncommon Pokemon with a shiny released. I don’t care if it’s Caterpie.

Featured types could work

I mention this so that if they didn’t want to spotlight a single Pokemon, they could spotlight a type instead. So we could see an hour of featured Fairy-types, such as Clefairy, Snubbull and Ralts.

Include specific Field Research

An interesting idea would be to have Field Research active for the hour. For example, ‘Catch 10 Pokemon’ for a reward that is the Spotlight Pokemon. It’d encourage people to catch the Pokemon instead of shiny checking before leaving it alone.

Research Day

Make it last all day instead of a 3-hour period

This is what I loved about Lotad Research Day – it lasted most of the day, and I was able to go my own pace with the tasks. However, I can see why people would prefer the 3-hour window. I just think the all-day timeframe works better because of people that may not be able to make it to the initial 3-hour window.

New Field Research rotating every 1-2 hours

What I mean by this is have the Field Research task refresh every so often, so that the same stop will get multiple Research tasks. This allows people that live in rural areas (or that don’t want to travel far) to pick up multiple tasks.

Make the tasks centred around catching, transferring and throws

What happens when you’re Valor, your local Gyms are all Valor, and you just got three Research tasks telling you to use a super-effective move? You delete them, right? But what if you didn’t need to?

Improve quality of spawns

We had issues where we would find ‘Catch a Sentret’ tasks or something to that extent, but not find any for miles. I feel that spawn points should increase drastically so that the tasks could be completed with relative ease, and only the related Pokemon should spawn (so nests would be overridden by Research spawns).

Improve the shiny rate

I’m the odd one out with this in our group, as I only got two shiny Minccino in around 60 tasks. I conferred, and the shiny rate for encounters needs to be higher for it to be worthwhile (yes, I went 2 hours without the shiny). I’d also say improve the shiny rate of the Research spawns too, but only by a little in comparison to the encounter rate.

Community Day

For voting instances, have two choices instead of four

Having four choices to vote from meant that the tasks were heavily diluted. Instead of having to vote for four Pokemon, we should have had two. That way it’d be a more interesting competition, especially if each Pokemon is heavily sought after (for example, if Gible and Deino went up against each other for the vote).

For voting, make the requirement to vote only be 10 Pokemon caught

As I previously said, having to catch 20 Pokemon to vote for a Pokemon was very taxing, and if you don’t have many spawn points, then it’s a chore just to get a couple of votes down. If you had to catch any amount of Pokemon, let it be 10, and then you can probably get some more voting tasks done. We’d also be able to grind harder for the Stardust rewards!

Have all Gyms have a 3-hour Community Day Raid for that Pokemon and its family

How many shinies did you get that ended up horrible? Exactly. This is why I thought that all Gyms could have a 3-hour Raid for the Community Day Pokemon and its evolution line, and the shiny rates will stay the same (and be introduced to the evolved forms). That way you’re at least likely to get a shiny Pokemon with guaranteed 67+% IVs. My next point would be another reward.

Introduce Community TMs

This would be such a huge asset to the Community Day because a lot of people don’t have the wanted Community Day exclusive move on some of their best Pokemon (I know I have that problem). I even had to save a stray 100% Ralts until December so I could get Synchronoise onto it as a Gardevoir (it was a female). During the Community Day and up to two hours after, you can obtain guaranteed Community TMs from Raids, of which you can use to give a Pokemon its missing Community Day exclusive move.

I wanna know what I’m missing, and what else could be done to improve on the regular events that we have.


Even More of my Nicknames for Perfect IV Pokemon

I did a post quite a while back about the nicknames I gave to my 100% IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Think of this one as a sequel! I have no post ideas right now except this, and more 100% IV Pokemon to go through! Currently, I have 60 100% IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go, including the ones I gave nicknames to before.

I did make some changes, and these will be listed below:

Mr. Mime – ‘NoReason’ – originally called ‘Master Mime’, I changed the name of this one because of the Galarian version obtaining the evolution of Mr. Rime. I decided to nickname my Kantonian form after the phrase ‘no rhyme, no reason’, as a play on words.

Arbok  – ‘SolidSnake’ – originally called ‘Slithers’, I remembered the existence of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid games. It’s a cheap cop-out, but it works.

Gardevoir – ‘Synchronice’ – originally called ‘Rats’ pre-evolution, my nickname mechanic doesn’t allow for Synchronoice as a nickname, hence the name I’ve given it, as it has the move Synchronoise.

Linoone – ‘Notstagoon’ – originally called ‘Linooooo’ because I wasn’t after it, this is another Pokemon with a Galarian form that I have the Hoenn form of. And because this one can’t evolve into Obstagoon, it’s been given this appropriate nickname instead.

Alolan Raichu – ‘Hawaii’ – Alolan Raichu was a Lucky Trade randomly after trading Connor a spare Unown. It became my 50th 100% IV Pokemon, and because it’s an Alolan form, I decided to pay homage to the show Hawaii Five-O.

Alolan Ninetales – ‘Snowy’– I got a female Alolan Vulpix that came out with 100% IVs, so I named it after Lillie’s Vulpix in the anime.

Lopunny – ‘Lola Bunny’ – I basically named this Lopunny after another heavily sexualised cartoon rabbit.

Scizor – ‘Mantis’ – I got the idea from the wargame and military sci-fi franchise BattleTech. There is a Light Mech called the Mantis, and that’s how I came up with the nickname.

Yanmega – ‘Sparx’ – I named this one after the dragonfly companion in the Spyro series. I’d recently played through the Reignited Trilogy when I got this Pokemon, and it was just too fitting at the time.

Porygon2 – ‘GORocket’ – This Pokemon was 93% as a Shadow Porygon, and purified it to 100%. It’s currently my only perfect Purified Pokemon, and I’m saving it for a (hopefully) future Porygon Community Day, so it can evolve into a Porygon-Z.

Tentacruel – ‘Ten Tickles‘ – I got this during the Supereffective Week through a Research reward, and it was fitting to name it after the shiny Tentacool I got in Let’s Go.

Dewott – ‘Oshikuru’ – Because this evolves into a Samurai, and because of Oshawott’s name, I wanted to pay homage to that one Two and a Half Men episode, where Charlie Sheen was penning the opening theme.

Lopunny – ‘Codpiece’ – This has nothing to do with the Pokemon. The night I caught this, we’d played the one D&D session where we tried to spread the word of the Cult of the Codpiece before I got the TPK due to some dud rolls. To honour the fun we had, I named my Lopunny ‘Codpiece’.

Hippowdon – ‘Gaara‘ – This was kind of a no-brainer for me. I do miss the old Hippowdon sprite where it was pouring sand. I still named him after Gaara, who is my favourite character in the Naruto series, and probably my favourite anime character overall.

Roserade – ‘Rosa‘ – This is my second 100% IV Roserade, and I named it as I did because it came from an egg that a friend sent over from Spain. The feminine name is annoying me somewhat, considering the Roserade is male, but I’ll make it work.

Feeling Rhyhorny – Rhyhorn Community Day Round-Up

Let’s start with the obvious – Rhyhorn was talked about as the most favoured of the four Pokemon that could be chosen, the others being Vulpix, Machop and Dratini. Now we don’t know the outcome of the rest of the votes, but since the winner was revealed to be Rhyhorn, the community went from ‘we want Rhyhorn’ to ‘we didn’t want this, we wanted Vulpix’ – it seems that those that wanted to vote a particular way didn’t make their voices heard, but general polls and media featured a heavier bias towards Rhyhorn. Personally, my goal was Rhyhorn, but I would have been happy with Vulpix – however, Rock Wrecker on Rhyperior sold it for me.

Vulpix would have had a better chance of winning if Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker wasn’t as sought-after as it was, plus Rhyhorn was the only choice of the four that fit the original Community Day requirements – a three-stage evolution (Eevee being the exception here) without its shiny released (also Pikachu was an exception, as it served as a Community Day test dump to gauge the reception of such an event).

But now we’ve discussed the voting that led us here, let’s get on to how the actual day turned out:

I can sum up this day in three words: it was windy. Us here in the UK have struggled with storm after storm for the past few weeks, and so I wasn’t expecting anything different. It was partly cloudy though, which meant that we didn’t have the added difficulty of playing in the rain.

Because of the cold, myself and Connor said that we would get three each and call it quits. I’d brought along my second account, especially now that I can use the tablet I recently acquired – it had caught a shiny Lickitung for me last week, after all. Plus it was supposed to be more of a date than anything – I’d originally planned to be in Lincoln to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but finances fell through and I’ve been suffering from ear problems all week.

We started off outside Heslam Park, where we were heading towards Central Park. In typical fashion, I get a Messenger pop-up from Sam bragging about the first-click shiny. And very shortly after that, my second account got the first shiny, within the first five minutes. I kinda called it there that my main account would be the last to get a shiny. And so we made our way through the sodden grounds of Central Park, where it has a habit of being completely waterlogged at times, and today was no exception. But we trudged through and went over to the Pods, where my second account caught the second shiny. It was a slow start for both my main and Connor’s accounts, and it took a while for me to find my first main shiny.

We were busy checking spawns around the fountain, and I told Connor that he still hadn’t had a shiny yet. I clicked on one of them, and I had to say ‘Actually, this one’s shiny!’ We decided then that because Connor wasn’t too bothered about getting any more, we would trade over a Rhyhorn each so that we could reroll stats. Both of the Rhyhorn ended up better,

What I noticed in the first hour was that the spawns consisted of half Rhyhorn spawns and the other half were Bug-type weather-boosted spawns. Normally, I wouldn’t mind weather-boosted spawns, but it did kinda negate a lot of the Rhyhorn spawns in that first hour. After that first hour, I had two shinies on each account, while Connor had the one, still.

We had one of the local kids come up to us and was too overly energetic. The encounter drained me, and I was still after my third shiny. Unfortunately, the concept of personal space is unknown to some, and it was difficult to keep calm, but I somehow managed. I just politely mentioned that we were on a date and weren’t planning on hanging out with anyone – even though yes, we did see some people on the fly, it wasn’t a huge gathering of people. I don’t mind kids usually, but ohhhhh boy.

Then I did see some more friends, and that was where my second account got the third shiny, so I was able to retire that one (thankfully). With that, we decided to head home, but to go back via the Pods to check the cluster spawns there on the way.

Well, I went from two shinies to getting more and more in one fell swoop. The third shiny ended up at 69CP, and so I (somehow) got to name it Rhyhorny. And then it was just a case of seeing what I could grab on the way home – and the answer to that was…quite a bit, honestly!

In the end, I ended on 8 shinies. That was despite going home early due to the cold weather. Connor was calling me out for my crazy luck, and even asked sarcastically if I’d called Niantic for more shiny luck!

So now I have two Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker – one of them shiny. I also managed to get a Rock Wrecker Rhyperior on my second account, and Connor evolved his shiny all the way up too.

So next month, Snivy? Quite likely, but we’ll see if Niantic change the formula.