The Future of Community Days – Breaking the Pattern

We recently were given a teaser of a different Community Day for March, and it’s been recently announced that Abra would be the next Community Day Pokemon, and its day would be on March 15th.

But wait. Wasn’t it supposed to be Snivy’s turn?

Yes. Yes, it was.

But if you consider the traditional pattern, we would have to expect the Kalos release before September 2020, the Alola release before March 2021 and the Galar release before September 2021. This would then have to give Chespin, Rowlet and Grookey time in the wild before they have their Community Days. But considering we are nearing six months until September, and still so few Unova Pokemon released, it’s not feasible. Instead of continuing the pattern, Niantic has ditched it.

It makes sense for Niantic to ditch the pattern – they can now start to pave the way for other Community Day ideas and new themes. It doesn’t always have to be a three-stage evolution, it doesn’t have to have its shiny unreleased. It just needs to be a worthwhile Pokemon for a good day out. Honestly, they should have made the pattern completely random to ensure that we come across something unexpected.

The results – new ideas

I talked earlier on about what different ways to improve Community Days could be implemented, and that involved a lot of pattern-breaking and new ideas on ways that Community Day could be improved.

We had the infamous Community Day vote in February, with four distinct options – Rhyhorn, Vulpix, Machop and Dratini. While we don’t know exactly how all of the votes went, all we know is that Rhyhorn won, so we got a Rhyhorn Community Day, which wasn’t too bad at all despite the weather. I would rather have kept it to two Pokemon to vote for – four meant that there was obvious filler (Machop and Dratini) so we knew anyway that the vote would be split between two Pokemon. If they did a two-way vote, such as Gible vs Deino, it would be a lot more interesting.

We also received information relating to in-game code that states that there will be three more votes. I expect that these votes will take place for every other month’s Community Days from now on, so April, June and August will feature the voted for Pokemon. The votes are as follows:

Vote 1: Gastly, Sandshrew, Squirtle and Weedle

Vote 2: Caterpie, Charmander, Grimer and Porygon

Vote 3: Bulbasaur, Exeggcute, Magikarp and Starly

We also have the 99 cent Special Research to coincide, called ‘Investigating Illusions’, which will offer similar benefits to the Regigigas Research, such as 13,000 Stardust, a Poffin, a Rocket Radar, 3 Incense and ‘other rewards’. We are (as of writing) unsure as to what this entails, and I would rather hold off on parting with my money until we know everything that we’re getting from the event. However, as a single Poffin is usually 100 coins (79p here), and Incense has been reduced to 40 coins each, I think you’re getting a lot more for your money. However, it’s a microtransaction. It’s not something I’m fond of having on every single Community Day. I would have preferred a free Special Research to activate after completing three Field Research though – that would be cool.

I’d still want to see the possibility of a compilation-type Community Day, where you have a theme and those are the increased spawns (for example, pseudo-legendaries, certain Pokemon with wild shiny evolutions released, etc.).

Worst case – discontinuation of Community Day

Now that we have the Spotlight Hour, that sort-of acts like a Community Hour with an already-released shiny coming to the forefront for an hour. Oh but wait, the Spotlight Hour no longer features specific Pokemon. Silly me! Moving on…

I’ve already been seeing comments on how some are no longer interested in Community Days, even if the Pokemon are fan favourites such as Alakazam. Some are hella pissed because they got their shiny during the Go Fest in Chicago and it’s no longer a rarity (well it still is, it’s a shiny that was released at the wrong time).

I feel that not many people are going to be happy with any Community Day choice unless it’s Gible or Deino. I can agree with that, as both of those Pokemon are super-rare to come across, but it’d be inevitable for everyone to complain about anything except those two.

But I feel that if enough people complain, then Community Day would pretty much stop, much like the Research Days (Minccino aside, as that was part of a larger event). It’d be a shame, as I think that’s the only time a lot of players come into the game, and that’s where most of my gameplay will be from now on, too.

What do you guys think about the Community Day shake-up? I wanna know! Do you have any other improvements or ideas that could be implemented?

Ways to Improve Regular Events in Pokemon GO

Normal, regular events tend to be boring of late, and I want to spice them up! By regular events, I mean those that are always solidified in our calendars (barring one on this list, but it’s a forward-plan). They aren’t spontaneous events or a party-hat party.

I spoke to my good friend, Sam, to help me with some ideas that might improve our events. I also came up with some myself.

Raid Hour

Change times and days depending on the season

I think a lunch hour would work better during the winter seasons, whereas in summer it can remain at 6pm. Obviously, have these switched depending on the season in each hemisphere. I’m saying this for safety reasons.

2 or 3 guaranteed free Raid Passes for the hour

Having more Raid Passes would be great, as to incentivise raiding more. These Raid Passes would only be available for this hour, so make sure you use them up!

Mix up the Pokemon

We had a massive Raid Hour during the Extraordinary Raid Week event last year, and I think it’d be great to bring that concept back. I’d like to see a theme of raids depending on the week. So for example, an hour dedicated to 1* Raids, or an hour dedicated to Shinx (are Shinx even in normal Raid pools now, haven’t seen one in forever?). It’s so that it switches things up from being 5* only.

Raid Hour Field Research

I’d like to see the idea of Raid Hour Field Research, like ‘Win 2 Raids’ and receive items or Pokemon that are raid-locked (such as Shinx, Klink, Timburr, Mawile, Absol, Alolan Raichu/Marowak and Galarian Weezing), or for a Pokemon encounter that’s locked behind GO Battle League (such as Rufflet or Scraggy). It’d encourage more people to do Raid Hours.

Spotlight Hour

Never do a Spotlight Hour without a featured Pokemon

This is a given. For the first two Spotlight Hours, we had Onix and Spoink featured. But we’ve had two more since that only increased the spawns, without any Pokemon featured. This should never happen – at least draw the players into a Spotlight Hour with an uncommon Pokemon with a shiny released. I don’t care if it’s Caterpie.

Featured types could work

I mention this so that if they didn’t want to spotlight a single Pokemon, they could spotlight a type instead. So we could see an hour of featured Fairy-types, such as Clefairy, Snubbull and Ralts.

Include specific Field Research

An interesting idea would be to have Field Research active for the hour. For example, ‘Catch 10 Pokemon’ for a reward that is the Spotlight Pokemon. It’d encourage people to catch the Pokemon instead of shiny checking before leaving it alone.

Research Day

Make it last all day instead of a 3-hour period

This is what I loved about Lotad Research Day – it lasted most of the day, and I was able to go my own pace with the tasks. However, I can see why people would prefer the 3-hour window. I just think the all-day timeframe works better because of people that may not be able to make it to the initial 3-hour window.

New Field Research rotating every 1-2 hours

What I mean by this is have the Field Research task refresh every so often, so that the same stop will get multiple Research tasks. This allows people that live in rural areas (or that don’t want to travel far) to pick up multiple tasks.

Make the tasks centred around catching, transferring and throws

What happens when you’re Valor, your local Gyms are all Valor, and you just got three Research tasks telling you to use a super-effective move? You delete them, right? But what if you didn’t need to?

Improve quality of spawns

We had issues where we would find ‘Catch a Sentret’ tasks or something to that extent, but not find any for miles. I feel that spawn points should increase drastically so that the tasks could be completed with relative ease, and only the related Pokemon should spawn (so nests would be overridden by Research spawns).

Improve the shiny rate

I’m the odd one out with this in our group, as I only got two shiny Minccino in around 60 tasks. I conferred, and the shiny rate for encounters needs to be higher for it to be worthwhile (yes, I went 2 hours without the shiny). I’d also say improve the shiny rate of the Research spawns too, but only by a little in comparison to the encounter rate.

Community Day

For voting instances, have two choices instead of four

Having four choices to vote from meant that the tasks were heavily diluted. Instead of having to vote for four Pokemon, we should have had two. That way it’d be a more interesting competition, especially if each Pokemon is heavily sought after (for example, if Gible and Deino went up against each other for the vote).

For voting, make the requirement to vote only be 10 Pokemon caught

As I previously said, having to catch 20 Pokemon to vote for a Pokemon was very taxing, and if you don’t have many spawn points, then it’s a chore just to get a couple of votes down. If you had to catch any amount of Pokemon, let it be 10, and then you can probably get some more voting tasks done. We’d also be able to grind harder for the Stardust rewards!

Have all Gyms have a 3-hour Community Day Raid for that Pokemon and its family

How many shinies did you get that ended up horrible? Exactly. This is why I thought that all Gyms could have a 3-hour Raid for the Community Day Pokemon and its evolution line, and the shiny rates will stay the same (and be introduced to the evolved forms). That way you’re at least likely to get a shiny Pokemon with guaranteed 67+% IVs. My next point would be another reward.

Introduce Community TMs

This would be such a huge asset to the Community Day because a lot of people don’t have the wanted Community Day exclusive move on some of their best Pokemon (I know I have that problem). I even had to save a stray 100% Ralts until December so I could get Synchronoise onto it as a Gardevoir (it was a female). During the Community Day and up to two hours after, you can obtain guaranteed Community TMs from Raids, of which you can use to give a Pokemon its missing Community Day exclusive move.

I wanna know what I’m missing, and what else could be done to improve on the regular events that we have.


Feeling Rhyhorny – Rhyhorn Community Day Round-Up

Let’s start with the obvious – Rhyhorn was talked about as the most favoured of the four Pokemon that could be chosen, the others being Vulpix, Machop and Dratini. Now we don’t know the outcome of the rest of the votes, but since the winner was revealed to be Rhyhorn, the community went from ‘we want Rhyhorn’ to ‘we didn’t want this, we wanted Vulpix’ – it seems that those that wanted to vote a particular way didn’t make their voices heard, but general polls and media featured a heavier bias towards Rhyhorn. Personally, my goal was Rhyhorn, but I would have been happy with Vulpix – however, Rock Wrecker on Rhyperior sold it for me.

Vulpix would have had a better chance of winning if Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker wasn’t as sought-after as it was, plus Rhyhorn was the only choice of the four that fit the original Community Day requirements – a three-stage evolution (Eevee being the exception here) without its shiny released (also Pikachu was an exception, as it served as a Community Day test dump to gauge the reception of such an event).

But now we’ve discussed the voting that led us here, let’s get on to how the actual day turned out:

I can sum up this day in three words: it was windy. Us here in the UK have struggled with storm after storm for the past few weeks, and so I wasn’t expecting anything different. It was partly cloudy though, which meant that we didn’t have the added difficulty of playing in the rain.

Because of the cold, myself and Connor said that we would get three each and call it quits. I’d brought along my second account, especially now that I can use the tablet I recently acquired – it had caught a shiny Lickitung for me last week, after all. Plus it was supposed to be more of a date than anything – I’d originally planned to be in Lincoln to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but finances fell through and I’ve been suffering from ear problems all week.

We started off outside Heslam Park, where we were heading towards Central Park. In typical fashion, I get a Messenger pop-up from Sam bragging about the first-click shiny. And very shortly after that, my second account got the first shiny, within the first five minutes. I kinda called it there that my main account would be the last to get a shiny. And so we made our way through the sodden grounds of Central Park, where it has a habit of being completely waterlogged at times, and today was no exception. But we trudged through and went over to the Pods, where my second account caught the second shiny. It was a slow start for both my main and Connor’s accounts, and it took a while for me to find my first main shiny.

We were busy checking spawns around the fountain, and I told Connor that he still hadn’t had a shiny yet. I clicked on one of them, and I had to say ‘Actually, this one’s shiny!’ We decided then that because Connor wasn’t too bothered about getting any more, we would trade over a Rhyhorn each so that we could reroll stats. Both of the Rhyhorn ended up better,

What I noticed in the first hour was that the spawns consisted of half Rhyhorn spawns and the other half were Bug-type weather-boosted spawns. Normally, I wouldn’t mind weather-boosted spawns, but it did kinda negate a lot of the Rhyhorn spawns in that first hour. After that first hour, I had two shinies on each account, while Connor had the one, still.

We had one of the local kids come up to us and was too overly energetic. The encounter drained me, and I was still after my third shiny. Unfortunately, the concept of personal space is unknown to some, and it was difficult to keep calm, but I somehow managed. I just politely mentioned that we were on a date and weren’t planning on hanging out with anyone – even though yes, we did see some people on the fly, it wasn’t a huge gathering of people. I don’t mind kids usually, but ohhhhh boy.

Then I did see some more friends, and that was where my second account got the third shiny, so I was able to retire that one (thankfully). With that, we decided to head home, but to go back via the Pods to check the cluster spawns there on the way.

Well, I went from two shinies to getting more and more in one fell swoop. The third shiny ended up at 69CP, and so I (somehow) got to name it Rhyhorny. And then it was just a case of seeing what I could grab on the way home – and the answer to that was…quite a bit, honestly!

In the end, I ended on 8 shinies. That was despite going home early due to the cold weather. Connor was calling me out for my crazy luck, and even asked sarcastically if I’d called Niantic for more shiny luck!

So now I have two Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker – one of them shiny. I also managed to get a Rock Wrecker Rhyperior on my second account, and Connor evolved his shiny all the way up too.

So next month, Snivy? Quite likely, but we’ll see if Niantic change the formula.

New Fun Community Day Ideas

So we’ve had a new way of deciding a Community Day Pokemon, and it was by voting. I highlighted this before in a previous post, and I wanted to capitalise on this, by thinking of different ways that the Community Days can be livened up. 

From votes to varied spawns, it’ll spice things up a bit, and give me more motivation to write about them instead of ‘the spawns were great. Today was good. I got x amount of shinies. How was yours?‘, and instead delve into perhaps spawn zones and frequency of each Pokemon spawn, as well as the outcome of any votes that may take place. Not only that, I could delve a bit into the impact the voting has had on the community, where there are opportunities to vote.

We will envision the scenario as if each of the Pokemon featured will have already had its exclusive move disclosed. Any votes will be a two-way vote, as it would make the options better quality.

Vote to bring a past Community Day Pokemon back

The inclusion of Dratini in the February vote inspired this, honestly, and I was thinking that instead of having a stand-off between a Pokemon not featured before and a Pokemon that was featured in the second-ever Community Day, we could have a vote to bring a previous Community Day Pokemon back. This will not include the starters, as they will be talked about later. So far, we would have a choice between the following:

Dratini, Mareep, Larvitar, Beldum, Swinub, Bagon, Slakoth, Ralts, Trapinch and Rhyhorn (and any other future non-starter Pokemon featured).

Vote to bring back a past Starter Community Day Pokemon back

As with the previous idea, we do a separate one for the starters. I included Pikachu and Eevee, as they have been starter Pokemon at some point in the franchise (not to mention, the first-ever Community Day featured Pikachu). There would be a choice of the following:

Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup.

Vote to release a Galarian form

This is a choice that excites me the most. Galarian Weezing has been out for quite some time in Raids, and I feel it was about time we got some fresh, new blood in. While I don’t think the entire Galarian form roster will be available for quite some time, it’ll be nice to introduce a new family to the current roster of Pokemon that we have in Go at the moment. At this point, we are not taking into account any new unannounced Galarian forms that we may get through the expansion passes.

We won’t be counting the Galarian forms of those that already are regional exclusives – so Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d and Corsola will not be making the cut here. Yamask is the least likely of the remaining bunch, as it remains a Halloween exclusive in both spawn and eggs, so we will likely see its appearance during a Halloween event. Due to some of these Pokemon evolving into new Pokemon, the only choices are that of the following:

Ponyta, Stunfisk, Darumaka and Slowpoke.

With these Community Day releases, Stunfisk, Darumaka and Slowpoke will also see their original forms get their shiny forms released. Ponyta is the only one to already have its original shiny form released.

Pseudo-legendary theme

This is where we start veering away from votes and start heading into spawns themselves. Instead of just one Pokemon spawning for Community Day, we would see a common theme. So as of now, we would see an increase of spawns for the following:

Dratini, Larvitar, Beldum, Bagon, Gible and Deino.

This would see the shiny release of Deino, and all of them would be spawning together, at the same time. If the timing is right, it could also see an introduction to Goomy, with its shiny form released.

Starter theme

I already discussed voting to bring back a starter Pokemon for Community Day, but what if we said ‘fuck it’ and brought them all out at the same time? The previous Sinnoh event inspired this, as my good friend Tim stated that it was more like a Sinnoh starter event. We could also bring in the Unova starters, and give them their exclusive moves. As usual, the Grass-types will receive Frenzy Plant, the Fire-types will receive Blast Burn and the Water-types will receive Hydro Cannon. Pikachu will receive Surf and Eevee and its Eeveelutions will receive Last Resort. The spawns will consist of the following:

Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott.

Community Raid Day

This is different from a Community Day, in that it won’t necessarily count. It will act like a Raid Day normally does but will feature all past Community Day Pokemon in Raid Battles. Yes, you heard right! Five free Battle Passes will be distributed from Gyms on the day, and a special Community Raid Day box will be available for purchase. All of the Pokemon featured in raids will be able to be shiny, and to make things easier, all raids will be 1* due to the simplicity of each Pokemon. 

During the 3-hour window, and 2 hours after, you will be able to evolve a Pokemon to gain its exclusive move (with the obvious exception of Pikachu). To ensure players will take the time to raid, all Raid Battles will be guaranteed to drop a new exclusive item – the Community TM. This exclusive TM will allow you to change a Pokemon’s move into the Community Day exclusive move at any time. For example, if you have a 100% Tyranitar with Bite (that you probably got before Community Days existed), you can change it so it has Smack Down instead.

So, do you have any other ideas for a fun Community Day? Let us know in the comments below!

A Wild Weekend – Community Day Vote & Minccino Research Day Round-Up

We just had a bonanza of a weekend, with even more events lined up for next week. Firstly is my short recap of the Community Day vote. Today will be the reveal of the vote, so I will update here as and when it is revealed.

EDIT: At 9pm GMT, it was revealed that the winning Pokemon was Rhyhorn. Therefore, Rhyhorn will be the Community Day Pokemon for 22nd February and will receive Rock Wrecker upon evolution to Rhyperior.

I only went for a small walk around, as it was cold, as expected at the beginning of February. Before starting, I noticed a trend of not many Rhyhorn tasks but mostly focused around Machop and Vulpix. Personally, I went around a few stops, and I managed to see a few Rhyhorn tasks, but I mostly saw a combination of Machop and Vulpix take priority. I did see a few Dratini tasks, but these were quickly discarded. Overall, I completed twelve tasks, 10 of which were Rhyhorn, the other two were throwaway Machop and Vulpix. I kept every Rhyhorn task that I came across (Edit note: apparently I cannot maths, I originally said I completed 11 tasks, 10 were Rhyhorn and then one of each Machop and Vulpix – thanks Steve for the correction!).

I see a couple of problems:

  • There were too many Pokemon to vote for. It would have been more even if there were only two to vote for.
  • Catching 20 Pokemon is too arduous a task if there aren’t many spawns to come by. Reducing this to 10 catches would have improved on the formula.
  • Instead of Stardust for completing the tasks, we could have had encounters of past Community Day Pokemon. This would have helped with our tasks as an added benefit.
  • There also needs to be more slots to receive Research tasks – three is not enough, especially for a Research-based event. Five is the minimum we should be looking at here.
  • People were not reading the Research tasks, nor were they paying attention to the instructions on how to vote. I noticed some were saying that they were confused that they could not take a vote after completing a Research task. This was despite the instructions being highlighted in the reveal blog.

It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve had our first Research Day in just short of a year. Our featured Pokemon was Minccino, and this event tied in with the Lunar event, so I’m not confident that Research Days will be returning full-time.

So, how did this one go down?

I took a trip to Lincoln with a few friends for this one. Normally I wouldn’t be able to make Lincoln on a Sunday, but I became Lucky Friends with a certain someone for the fifth time (twat), so we’d agreed on Minccino for Minccino. He invited me along for the ride, I accepted.

We’d started out at Cornhill, where there were a few Pokestops in a row, and ready for the taking. The tasks themselves were super-simple, much like with Clamperl and Lotad Research Days before, and plenty of relevant spawns. I was on the hunt for Alolan Rattata, Sandshrew and both Nidoran for their shiny forms, and Lincoln was abundant with both spawns and stops.

We went from Cornhill up towards the Usher Gallery, over towards the Arboretum, past Lincoln College, back towards the centre, over towards the Ritz Wetherspoons, back to Cornhill and then over to the Arboretum to get back to the car park. I remember now that we’d missed out on the Brayford area, but we already did so much walking anyway.

As you probably know, I have leg and foot problems in particular and coupled with an aching back, I managed to make it through the lengthy walks. However, it took me an hour and a half before managing my first shiny Minccino, in the city centre. It immediately went to a Lucky Trade, which ended up with 96% IVs. I caught a spare soon after, though. I was massively trailing behind everyone else, who had a great amount of shinies.

We decided on a McDonalds around Cornhill, to take advantage of the tri-lure that was set up. We discussed how none of us had caught a wild shiny that day, despite the increased spawns. Afterwards, Sam caught a shiny Zigzagoon. Later on, I’d caught a first shiny Sandshrew.

My feet hurt, I ache all over. My foot problems are flaring up, so I think a brief run-down will suffice.

  • The Research tasks were great. They were well-balanced and simple to do.
  • The shiny rate seemed to be 1/30 from what we’d read from other anecdotes. At least I was on average odds.
  • The according wild spawns were not shiny boosted, and this could have been improved slightly. I feel that our shiny Zigzagoon and Sandshrew were flukes, honestly.
  • I utilised the Minccino encounters for other tasks, so if I ran out of spawns and came across a ‘Make 5 Nice Throws’ task, I went to claim my Minccino that I had banked.
  • The party-hat Raticates felt old very quickly. I would have preferred a more varied line-up of Raid Bosses to Raticate and Heatran.

And that was the Research-based weekend! How did yours go?  Did your favoured Pokemon win the Community Day vote? How many shiny Minccino did you walk away with? Leave a comment below

So Much News! Safari Zones and Community Day

On 22nd January, we had a lot of Pokemon Go news to cover! Sadly I don’t get the information beforehand, unlike some influencers, but I’m just as shocked as you guys are with our live events lined up throughout spring! We also have our odd Community Day predicament to go over.

This year, we are getting four confirmed events in spring. Firstly, we’ll talk about the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung City, Taiwan. This event will go from 6th February until 9th February. There will be a focus on Electric-types, such as Electrike, and Illumise will be the regional of choice, joining Volbeat in the celebrations. Unown L will also be available. I’m guessing Chimecho will be the shiny release, with increased spawns worldwide and shiny Chingling too.

Secondly, we have the first Safari Zone of the year, in St. Louis, Missouri. The theme of this Safari Zone is culture, and runs from 27th March until 29th March. It takes place in Tower Grove Park, and is a ticketed event. Chatot will be the regional of choice, and Mankey, Teddiursa and Unown S will be around. I think that Teddiursa will have a shiny release.

The third, and one that excites me the most, is the very first Safari Zone to take place in the UK. From April 17th to April 19th, we’re going to Liverpool, specifically at Sefton Park (it’s bloody massive). The theme is water, as Liverpool is famous for its docks, and will feature Krabby, Dratini, Unown V and Relicanth, the latter of which is the regional of choice. We predict that shiny Chinchou will be released for the first time here. This is also a ticketed event. You bet I’ll be going to this!

(EDIT 14/2: General admission tickets will be £14.40, and early access tickets will be £21.60. A £3.60 service fee will be added to each order (up to 4 tickets per order). All prices are inclusive of VAT. This was changed from the previous £12/£18 costs because the original prices advertised did not include VAT).

Our final announcement features Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from May 8th to May 10th. There will be more information available for this in the future.

Our other Breaking News bulletin comes in the form of the announcement of February Community Day. However, unlike months past, there is a twist.

We learned that the next Community Day will take place on 22nd February, but this time, instead of a formal Pokemon announcement, we have an opportunity to vote. This is how it’ll work:

It has been announced that we will be able to choose from four Community Day Pokemon. I below will also rate them in my likeliness to vote for them. Our Voting Day will take place on 1st February, throughout the day in your local timezone. We will vote with whichever Field Research tasks we complete on that day. The announcement will take place on 3rd February, and the Community Day itself will then take place on 22nd February, with a 3x Catch Stardust bonus in effect.

Here, we have our four nominees:

Vulpix – while Alolan Vulpix already has a shiny form released, we would see the Kantonian Vulpix in the wild and in eggs, while Alolan will feature in Field Research and Raids. They will also learn Weather Ball upon evolution to Ninetales. This will introduce shiny Kantonian Vulpix.

I have wanted a shiny Kantonian Vulpix for a while, and this would be great. It’s an unprecedented Community Day, with only one evolution line (excluding Eevee). It’ll be my second choice for the vote.

Machop – this Community Day will focus on evolving for a Machamp that knows Payback. Machop already has a shiny form released.

This will also be an unprecedented Community Day, with Machop already having a shiny form released. I still need a shiny Machop, though.

Rhyhorn – Rhyhorn is one of few eligible three-stage Kanto Pokemon yet to be given a Community Day. It will receive Rock Wrecker upon its evolution to Rhyperior.

This is my go-to to vote for. It ticks the boxes for what a Community Day should be like, and we’ve been crying out for a Rhyhorn Community Day with Rock Wrecker as the exclusive move. It wasn’t my actual favourite out of any Pokemon, but this one definitely has my vote.

Dratini – Evolving to Dragonite will give it Superpower.

We’ve already had a Dratini Community Day. We’ve hatched a crapton of Dratini before it was removed from the egg pool. Please no. I will delete any Dratini tasks.

How do we vote?

Voting on February 1st is simple. You don’t have to go to any polling stations, just your local Pokestops! There will be four different Field Research tasks, each earning you 200 Stardust. It’s really quite simple.

Each Field Research task on the day will feature a Pokemon – Machop, Rhyhorn, Vulpix and Dratini. All you have to do is to catch 20 Pokemon to complete the task, and claim. You can complete more than one task, and each completed task will count as a vote to that corresponding Pokemon!

Remember to make your voices heard, and get tweeting with the hashtag #PokemonGOCommunityDay while doing so!


Did This Beat The January Blues? – Piplup Community Day Round-Up

2020’s first Community Day saw the late announcement of Piplup, along with its exclusive move Hydro Cannon. We would also see quartered egg distance, perfect for hatching eggs (duh, because that’s the intention).

Again, I made my way to Central Park to start the event there. I really like Piplup, but I have a gut feeling that this may be the last year of Community Days, or this could be the last of them altogether and that they released Piplup’s purely to complete the Sinnoh starter set – this is in complete disregard to my Community Day predictions posts, which were written in the case that Community Days were still taking place (I still think they should get rid of Community Days, because they got rid of Research Days due to complaints, but here we are). Either way, I gotta get me that Empoleon action!

I recently hit Lucky Friends with a friend, Jonny, for the fourth time. As it happened, he was planning on coming to Central Park in person for Community Day. So there was the potential to perhaps get a good, new shiny (like Poochyena) in exchange for a lucky Ditto, I guess?

On a side-note, my good friend Steve messaged me with a theory, suggesting Abra would be the next Community Day. He mentioned this because Swinub was selected to push PvP to get Sinnoh Stones, and this time around, trade evolutions are being pushed – Abra is the only Gen 1 trade evolution that hasn’t had its shiny released (except for Go Fest).

So I went to the local shop to buy some key supplies (y’know, food and water), and to do a Timburr raid. It meant I had to make a perch for myself to start the Community Day, which I don’t recommend doing on the coldest day of January thus far (it has been a mild month for us). 11am struck, and after the usual game reset, I was checking everything.

I immediately knew that the spawns were of much better quality in comparison to Trapinch Day, because I had to stop to check all of the Piplup. We’ve also got more stops in Central Park than ever, which we lured up to our advantage. I also got a Lucky shiny Poochyena. I also recall not waiting long for my first shiny, and then we were really getting into the swing of things.

The four of us had a few more tag along on the way around, with them being friends I haven’t seen in a while due to my raid inactivity of late, and we did some Heatran raids to pass the time. None were shiny for me, but I’m not too bothered.

Admittedly along the way, I was starting to get a small migraine, but for some reason, I kept going. I’ve had a bit of a painful leg while walking for the past week, but I managed to put the work in and walk on.

Another aspect of the day was hatching eggs because the egg distance was reduced to a quarter of that. I didn’t hatch anything remarkably terrible, just stuff I hadn’t seen in a little while – like Klink or Chingling (yes, my egg pool is very unvaried).

On another lap around the park, I asked a burning question – is Community Day dying? The answer that I got from the lads was that it is all dependent on the factors – the featured Pokemon, the weather, the community and the area in general for spawns. It had never been more viable to do a Community Day in Scunthorpe, for example. I agree whole-heartedly, that it’s not the events themselves as a whole that is dying, it’s the let-down events where things go wrong.

I could feel myself flagging towards the end, and at last minute I got my final shiny for the day. At 2pm, I ended on 16 shinies, which meant this day was tied with Ralts for being the most lucrative.

After that, I went home, had some lunch and had a nap. And on writing this, my head is pounding and I feel awful.

A big shout-out to Tim, because he actually (finally) managed to catch his own shiny Murkrow after so long trying and convinced it didn’t exist. His Tweet says it all, honestly.

Well, I’m kinda hoping to go somewhere else for next month’s Community Day, as it’s been a few months since I’ve been able to. Hull? Lincoln? Who knows?