Creating Pokemon Based on Unused Type Combinations

Hello everyone! To preface, my friend Tim wrote a post looking back on predictions for the Pokemon franchise (among other games). One of his posts focused on new dual-type Pokemon predictions to come for Sword and Shield. Out of those ten, only one (Ice/Fire) made the new roster in the form of Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan.

In honour of that post, we’re going to be taking all of the unused type combinations and creating Pokemon based on those typings. Now I already had six to work with on the Lumaria region, so there will be a sneak preview of those Pokemon. Call it the Lumaria Files post that never was, I suppose! The Pokemon names have a lot of Portuguese influences, which I will explain in their sections.

You will find Tim’s half of the post on his page here, so go check that out!


Grass/Fire has been sought after for so long, to complete the trio of Pokemon that have two of the three starting types (Ludicolo and Volcanion). With that in mind, I created Barcaroost, a Grass/Fire final evolution of one of the Lumaria starters, Cluckles. The family represents the Galo de Barcelos, one of Portugal’s symbols, and it is commonly confused for the very cheeky Nandos chicken. And we know how spicy a Nandos can be, hence the added Fire typing.

It gains the Ability Overgrowth as a starter staple but also gains the Hidden Ability Flame Body, which can burn the attacker upon contact. I mean, it’s a burning chicken. Plus it’s a straightforward option to pick for quickly hatching eggs.


What could be more evil than a mosquito? Wasps? I mean, yeah, sure. But mosquitos are the devil incarnate. So introducing Moscamal, which incorporated the words ‘mosquito’ and ‘evil’. Naturally, it’s a Bug/Dark-type and evolves from a fuzzy caterpillar. Its family is your typical quick-to-evolve Pokemon, with a cocoon in the middle stage.

It gains the Ability Drain Hit, which upon Moscamal using a Physical attack, will gain HP back at the end of that turn.


A human was taken by a warped tombstone and is bound by it, using her voice to destroy the will of others. Sepada will haunt your socks off. I thought of Sepada when coming up with how to build concept Pokemon around RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 looks. Sepada’s name comes from the amalgamation of ‘sepultura assombrada’, the Portuguese translation of ‘haunted grave’.

Sepada will gain the Ability Soundproof. Otherwise, its Hidden Ability is Perish Body, much like Cursola.


Fadoria makes up one-half of the Fado Duo, and one of the box-art Legendaries for the Lumaria region. Fadoria is based on a fado performer, and is integral to the story, as is its counterpart Amarera. Fadoria’s name is an amalgamation of the words ‘fado’ and ‘aria’.

Its main Ability is Scorching Voice, where all sound-based moves become Fire-type and have a boost in power. Its other Ability is Soundproof.


This is another Legendary, this time based on a trash sculpture that can be seen in the Oceanario de Lisboa. This Pokemon is Lixofly, which covers most bases in terms of defences, except for its heavy 4x weakness to Ground in one circumstance. Lixofly is a man-made bird sculpture that has been brought to life by the powers of the Fado Duo. It’s not a Trio Master, just a Legendary that has been influenced by other Legendaries. The name Lixofly comes from the Portuguese word for ‘trash’ and the English word ‘fly’.

Its main Ability is Levitate, which nullifies its 4x weakness to Ground and converts it into another immunity. Its Hidden Ability is Fall Apart, where after each turn, its Defense stat is lowered in favour of raising its Speed stat.


You know I mentioned something more evil than mosquitos? How about a Legendary wasp? No? Okay, this wasp is also part-Dragon. Gaopa adds on a couple of extra weaknesses in Flying and Rock but becomes super-resistant to Grass at least. I also felt we needed a Legendary Bug, as we’ve not had one yet, surprisingly (we did have Genesect, a Mythical, but I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder, Tim!).

Its Ability is Poison Point, where any contact has a chance of poisoning. Its Hidden Ability is Speed Boost.


I figured that a solid Fighting/Ground-type would be an absolute hulking beast, with huge arms, reminiscent of Mega Swampert in a way. I can imagine something like that would just pull up the ground and hit enemies with it. Tourca is based on a bull commonly used for bullfighting in the Campo Pequeno bullring in Lisbon, Portugal (however, the bulls in Portugal aren’t killed in the arena). Basically, Tourca is the kind of Pokemon that takes revenge on the matadores.

Tourca’s Ability is Huge Power, while it gets Thick Fat as its Hidden Ability.


I had an idea based on the odd smell of sewerage I used to encounter in Lisbon in certain areas. Grato is basically a rat with a sewer grate around its neck. It’s that simple, really, it’s literally a fat rat with a sewer grate, so it has the Bulletproof Ability, as well as the Hidden Ability Stench.


This was a fun one to think of because I saw a lot of different concepts that looked amazing. But I wanted to go down the route of a bottle Pokemon, that looks like it has cork wrapped around it in a spiral. Intoxia is based on port, which is an alcoholic drink from Portugal, and also the cork represents the fact that cork is one of Portugal’s biggest exports – also you would find souvenir bottles of wine with cork around the bottle.

Intoxia’s Ability is Cork Wrap, which makes the Pokemon immune to Fire-type attacks unless it has been hit – then Fire-type attacks become super-effective – this is in reference to cork dust being extremely flammable while its original form is a retardant. Its Hidden Ability is Effect Spore, which is in reference to the effects of alcohol.

Explaining My Pokemon Go Nicknames (Collab With Tim)

There are loads of types of nicknamers in Pokemon Go. Some love to have their Pokemon’s IVs and stats as the nickname (I do it too, I have a Salamence98). Others like to have symbols to easily see their move types. Others are just plain silly.

Guess which one I am?

I have such a reputation for nicknaming my Pokemon that a friend of mine has nicknamed me as ‘Nicknamer’ on his friends list.

Today I’m looking at my Pokemon’s strange nicknames. I’ll do my favourite ten so that we’re not here all day. And this post is in conjunction with my Ultra Friend, Tim, who’s doing his own list on his site here:


Giratina – Vulcão

In my final weeks in Portugal, I went to Parque das Naçoés, and found a raid at a Gym called Vulcão da FIL. It’s one of the water volcanoes that line the street. After a lot of coordinating in both Portuguese and English, we got to it. I mean, it’s not the most thrilling encounter, but I felt it was a good name for the Giratina all the same.


Swampert – Naomi/Valentina

During Mudkip Community Day, I stumbled upon two 96% Mudkip – one of them was shiny, of course. After catching them, I remembered the ‘Club 96’ moment from RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 4, where the queens had to build a club concept. Naomi Smalls and Valentina were paired up, and went for Club 96. So clearly every time I see that number, that’s all I see.


Masquerain – You Bastard

Definitely a legacy name now, as you can’t name Pokemon with swears. But before that time, I was in a bit of a pickle. While on a birthday trip to Nottingham last year, a wild Masquerain popped up for Connor at our hotel, but it didn’t for me. Okay, fine. Except when we got to the train station and it fled after I pressed for it on my Go+. Needless to say when I finally evolved my Surskit, I knew the name it was getting.


Alolan Exeggutor – LongLongMan

Last year, my friend Steve was addicted to the Sakeru Gummi advert with the ‘long long man’, and I was admittedly hooked too. So when Alolan Exeggutor was released, I had to name a male one – you guessed it – LongLongMan.


Rayquaza – SlipperyBoi

Okay so The Arcana is yet again to blame for this. Once I caught and traded my shiny Rayquaza for a Lucky, I wanted to name it after the great Faustian meme shown above – okay, so I admit that was a bad joke, but it was intended. So my Rayquaza’s name is ‘SlipperyBoi’.



When I did my first EX Raid in Portugal (the first I could make), it was the Deoxys Normal Forme. I named it ‘Spaghetti’ as a joke, due to the shape of its arms. The theme kinda stuck for when I came back home and did some more EX Raids. Every time I get an invite and do one, I’m always trying to think of a pasta-related nickname. Nicknames thus far are Spaghetti, Bolognese, Fusilli, Tagliatelle, Lasagna, Ramen, Ravioli, Noodle, Udon and Macaroni.

Screenshot_20190825-200134_Pokmon GO

Lugia – Hallelugia

As you may be aware, Lugia was one of the first ever Legendary Pokemon to be released in Pokemon Go, alongside Articuno. Back then, we needed a solid group of at least 15 to take down a Legendary, as a lot of us weren’t up to level, or with good enough counters – admittedly they were sprung upon us with little prep time. While I managed an Articuno or two, after a few attempts of catching it, Lugia proved differently. In the time span that I’d raided Lugia the first time, I had caught none. People actually refused to do a Lugia raid in favour of a Tyranitar raid, which wasn’t likely to disappear any time soon. That was a very salty moment.

Lugia was released again last year, and the first couple of tries, I still struggled to catch it. However, it was the day of an EX Raid, with two Lugia raids right after. I caught a 96% Mewtwo, then went to do the raids. It was snowing at the time, so we struggled to keep our phones dry. At the Main Post Office, we huddled along the wall to do the raid, we must have looked like pillocks. It was during that raid that I caught the Pokedex entry Lugia, and appropriately named it ‘Hallelugia’.



I have three fully maxed out Gyarados, and they’re all nicknamed. My first ever Gyarados is called ‘Gary’, as a twist on the first part of its name. It’s also in memory of my uncle, who passed away last year. My 98% is called ‘Gyaradosbox’, referring to a DOSbox, which is an emulator program, and fit the last part of its name.

My first ever Pokemon Go shiny was a Magikarp, and when evolving, became ‘Red Ross’. As we know, Gyarados is known for being angry, and its shiny is red. My main reference was from the TV show Friends, where Ross plays rugby and his ‘Red Ross’ persona is introduced. I felt it fit perfectly.

Screenshot_20190825-200200_Pokmon GO

Metagross – Arnold

In one of my many trips to Nottingham, me and Connor went to the Lost Adventure mini-golf bar, where you can play some adventure golf and then have some drinks afterwards. I was downing a whiskey and coke, checking the area, as the newest wave of Hoenn Pokemon were released. On the nearby, I could see the silhouette of a wild Metang. Luckily it wasn’t too far away, and I literally necked the drink, hurriedly told Connor that I’d be going after the Metang, and I just ran. It was just out of the building and down the road, and I was relieved when I caught it, at least. Connor followed suit and caught his.

Because its location tag specifies it being from Arnold, that became its name.


Kyogre – Power Five

Back before you could duo Kyogre, we had to rely on a good solid group of players to take one down. Back in June 2018, five of us were at my local Gym ready to take it down. I think at the time, only one of us was level 40, but the rest of us were relatively higher-levelled (think around 38/39). Of course, nobody else was interested despite the shiny chance. So we hopped in, and somehow managed to take it down. I still have the Kyogre to this day, clearly. We were so happy that we managed to do it, and we took a picture to send to the group chat as proof that it was just the five of us.


Now for the rest of you (except Tim, of course), I’d like to see your best nicknames in Pokemon Go, and do you have a method?