Did This Beat The January Blues? – Piplup Community Day Round-Up

2020’s first Community Day saw the late announcement of Piplup, along with its exclusive move Hydro Cannon. We would also see quartered egg distance, perfect for hatching eggs (duh, because that’s the intention).

Again, I made my way to Central Park to start the event there. I really like Piplup, but I have a gut feeling that this may be the last year of Community Days, or this could be the last of them altogether and that they released Piplup’s purely to complete the Sinnoh starter set – this is in complete disregard to my Community Day predictions posts, which were written in the case that Community Days were still taking place (I still think they should get rid of Community Days, because they got rid of Research Days due to complaints, but here we are). Either way, I gotta get me that Empoleon action!

I recently hit Lucky Friends with a friend, Jonny, for the fourth time. As it happened, he was planning on coming to Central Park in person for Community Day. So there was the potential to perhaps get a good, new shiny (like Poochyena) in exchange for a lucky Ditto, I guess?

On a side-note, my good friend Steve messaged me with a theory, suggesting Abra would be the next Community Day. He mentioned this because Swinub was selected to push PvP to get Sinnoh Stones, and this time around, trade evolutions are being pushed – Abra is the only Gen 1 trade evolution that hasn’t had its shiny released (except for Go Fest).

So I went to the local shop to buy some key supplies (y’know, food and water), and to do a Timburr raid. It meant I had to make a perch for myself to start the Community Day, which I don’t recommend doing on the coldest day of January thus far (it has been a mild month for us). 11am struck, and after the usual game reset, I was checking everything.

I immediately knew that the spawns were of much better quality in comparison to Trapinch Day, because I had to stop to check all of the Piplup. We’ve also got more stops in Central Park than ever, which we lured up to our advantage. I also got a Lucky shiny Poochyena. I also recall not waiting long for my first shiny, and then we were really getting into the swing of things.

The four of us had a few more tag along on the way around, with them being friends I haven’t seen in a while due to my raid inactivity of late, and we did some Heatran raids to pass the time. None were shiny for me, but I’m not too bothered.

Admittedly along the way, I was starting to get a small migraine, but for some reason, I kept going. I’ve had a bit of a painful leg while walking for the past week, but I managed to put the work in and walk on.

Another aspect of the day was hatching eggs because the egg distance was reduced to a quarter of that. I didn’t hatch anything remarkably terrible, just stuff I hadn’t seen in a little while – like Klink or Chingling (yes, my egg pool is very unvaried).

On another lap around the park, I asked a burning question – is Community Day dying? The answer that I got from the lads was that it is all dependent on the factors – the featured Pokemon, the weather, the community and the area in general for spawns. It had never been more viable to do a Community Day in Scunthorpe, for example. I agree whole-heartedly, that it’s not the events themselves as a whole that is dying, it’s the let-down events where things go wrong.

I could feel myself flagging towards the end, and at last minute I got my final shiny for the day. At 2pm, I ended on 16 shinies, which meant this day was tied with Ralts for being the most lucrative.

After that, I went home, had some lunch and had a nap. And on writing this, my head is pounding and I feel awful.

A big shout-out to Tim, because he actually (finally) managed to catch his own shiny Murkrow after so long trying and convinced it didn’t exist. His Tweet says it all, honestly.

Well, I’m kinda hoping to go somewhere else for next month’s Community Day, as it’s been a few months since I’ve been able to. Hull? Lincoln? Who knows?

I Did The Jump-Start Research In 20 Hours

As the title states, I managed to complete all 6 steps of the Jump-Start Research in 20 hours – from 9pm on Friday until 5pm on Saturday. Here are my thoughts.

Part 1

  • Make a new friend
  • Catch 3 Pokemon with Weather Boost
  • Hatch an Egg

For starters, if you struggle with finding new friends, I suggest finding a forum or the Pokemon Go Trainer Code subreddit to find some friends and get some distance hatches. Otherwise, your local community may have some newer players looking for friends. I’ve been able to add a few people who I hadn’t had, which is great. I ended up not being able to send everyone gifts because I had none left. Oh well…

I popped an Incense on to help with catching the Weather-Boosted Pokemon. With help from the sunny weather granting Barboach, it was a simple affair. Instead of waiting until the next day to hatch my egg, I decided to go for a late walk to do it. Plus it helped complete part 2 as well I suppose.

Each task gave 5,000 XP, and the rewards included 2 Lucky Eggs, 15,000 Stardust and an appearance from Dratini. I saved my rewards for claiming them all, because it’s so much more satisfying that way! Onto the next part of the research!

Part 2

  • Earn a Candy walking with your Buddy
  • Take a Snapshot of Dratini
  • Evolve a Dratini

So the Buddy and Snapshot rewards give 30 Dratini candy each. Evolving a Dratini will give you 10,000 XP. That’s a lot of XP for a Dratini. I wonder what the significance with Dratini is. Wish it was Gible though.

I was discussing the Dratini with my friend Steve, who told me not to evolve it all the way. This is due to it being evolved later down the quest line apparently. Well I guess it’s not going into the grinder any time soon I suppose.

Part 3

  • Power up a Pokemon 10 times
  • Battle another Trainer in the Great League
  • Battle in a Raid

Each of the tasks gives 15,000 XP. I don’t usually partake in PvP but I guess it gives me a good excuse to battle with my boyfriend. And I helped my friend Steve do his task too! I used this part as an excuse to power up my 100% Luxray. Because of European raiding times, I had to leave the raid until the next day, where I did the Alolan Raichu raid close to my house. It wasn’t shiny. Onto the next lot of tasks.

The rewards were 2 Lucky Eggs (again), 15,000 XP and 2 Star Pieces.

Part 4

  • Catch 5 different species of Pokemon
  • Catch a Legendary Pokemon from a Field Research Breakthrough or Raid
  • Hatch 3 Eggs

The first reward is a Chimchar encounter. The second is a Piplup encounter, and the third is a Turtwig encounter.

Well it’s a good thing Raikou Day was a thing. Of course we would be doing a Legendary Raid! I left this for the Raikou spawns purely because I knew more people would want to do the raids then to save their Raid Passes. I also had some spare Super Incubators to hatch my eggs. The 5 different species of Pokemon was easy. With the Alolan boosts as well as the sunny weather boost, I was quickly able to find the five species.

The rewards were 2 Lucky Eggs (seeing a theme here), 15,000 Stardust and a guaranteed shiny Eevee encounter.

Part 5

  • Take a Snapshot of Eevee
  • Send 5 Gifts to Friends
  • Trade 3 Pokemon

The rewards for each task was 30,000 XP.  The rewards were 2 Lucky Eggs (hmm), 30,000 XP and a Lapras encounter. Well this is easy as hell. I had a few friends that I needed to send gifts to, and I was able to quickly take a Snapshot of Eevee in between Raikou raids. As for the trading, I called on a friend of mine to quickly trade some Pokemon for 75 Stardust per trade. It was worth it though, it got me onto part 6.

Part 6

  • Make a new friend
  • Win a level 3 or higher raid
  • Evolve a Dragonair

They like to push the Dratini storyline with this one. For the first two tasks, the reward is 60 Dratini candy each. The last rewards you 100,000 XP. That’s a mighty amount to get from evolving a Pokemon! The overall rewards are 2 Lucky Eggs (okay I suppose), 15,000 Stardust and 100,000 XP.

This was really easy. All I needed to do was call upon someone in the raiding group to be a new friend, defeat a Raikou raid and evolve the Dragonair from earlier.
Overall as a Level 40 player, I felt inundated with a lot of XP. For a newer player, it’s another way to quickly gain XP, especially on top of a Raikou raid day.

It was fun to have another Special Research, but it didn’t feel like I had something to work towards. I missed having a special encounter at the end, like Mew, Celebi, Spiritomb and Meltan.

The Rain Did Not Put Out The Fire – Community Day #17 – Torchic

As on a Sunday, it was infuriating that the Community Day starts once again at 3pm, meaning that I would not be able to travel to Hull or Lincoln due to the unfair bus schedule from Scunthorpe. Instead, yet again, we opted to go to Central Park – as it’s the only place with a good amount of Pokestops.

The weather was looking good, good enough for a couple of hours of wandering and sitting by some lures. Since the Bagon Community Day, more Pokestops and Gyms have appeared in Central Park, allowing for a good cluster of spawns to appear from the lures.

Me and Connor started the Community Day at the Memorial Rock Pokestop, surrounded by five Torchics. I set up a normal lure, and started. I only needed to encounter two before I got my first shiny. And within the same cluster of five was a second shiny.

To be quite honest, because of the repeat location, there wasn’t a lot happening. Besides, we met up with a few friends, offered cake and hunted for more Torchic. I was making sure I attempted to catch everything I saw because of the 4.5x Stardust (after applying the Star Pieces).

And then it started to rain. I had not brought a jacket or an umbrella, so we sought shelter under a tree near The Nutshell Gym, where a Mesprit raid was due to start shortly. We watched as more and more people piled under the shelter and I’ll say this now, the rain was quite heavy and there must have been over 50 people there by the time the raid egg hatched and we all went into three different lobbies. I personally hadn’t seen that many people for a raid since the EX Raid I took part in in Portugal before I left – this is a testament to the success of a Scunthorpe Community Day.

Alas, we had to leave because we were at a friend’s to play a D&D session at 5pm – I ended on 7 shiny Torchic, Connor on 2, and my D&D character died twice, so I had to make my fourth character sheet of the campaign.

Looking forward to June 8th – whichever Pokemon that may be (hoping for Ralts honestly).

I also apologise for the lateness of this blog post, a lot happened and I may have a new job soon!

*EDIT* June 8th Community Day will be Slakoth. That was my second option after Ralts honestly.

Extraordinary Raid Week! Yes!

Sorry I couldn’t come up with a better title, but I don’t care. This was the event that I was referring to in my post about Chrales’ findings about a Raid Week. So to confirm, we’re getting a Raid Week, full of lovely bonuses! The Raid Week will start Tuesday May 21st until Tuesday May 28th. We will gain 2x Raid Stardust and 2x Raid XP, perfect for those of us who still remembers their Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces! We will also have shiny Bronzor released for us to attempt to find!

Bold are shinies

1* – Machop, Slakoth, Shinx, Bronzor

2* – Misdreavus, Kirlia, MawileFeebasClamperl, Bibarel

3* – Alolan Raichu, Chansey, ScytherAerodactyl, Floatzel

4* – Alolan Marowak, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Absol, Metagross

That was just the Extraordinary Raid Week. During this week, we will also get a Raid Hour on Wednesday 22nd May from 6pm until 7pm local time. The number of raids of all levels will increase during the hour – which is great for me, I’m attempting to get back into raiding, and I can’t wait to attempt to get some shinies.

Speaking of shinies, on Saturday May 25th from 11am until 2pm local time, we are getting a Lapras Raid Day. Just like the Legendary Birds and Gengar before it, Lapras will have its own special raid day, where we receive up to five Raid Passes from Gyms at no cost, and multiple chances of encountering a shiny Lapras!

And now for my reaction

I love the idea of a raid week. I just hope that throughout the week raids are more common than normal, so that we can have a good amount of opportunities to raid the hell out of the gyms. At least we know in advance when the raid hour is this time, instead of it being a surprise. This means we can plan routes efficiently and organise carshares!

This is the first ‘Chaos Day’ I will be able to do since Zapdos – I was working during Moltres Day and I had an injury shortly before Gengar Day, so I could do neither of those. But this time will be fun, I’m sure of it!

Raid Week 2019? And The Current State of Gen 4…

While finding the information I needed for the Detective Pikachu post, I stumbled upon yet another tweet from Chrales, suggesting a Raid Week 2019. This suggests that there will be a large emphasis on raids – which is brilliant, because with having gone from one Gym last year, to 8, there will be plenty of opportunities to raid. However, we seem to have what could be new items to solve one of the longest-running problems encountered with Gen 4’s release. These are new Lure Modules – but these are different:

  • Glacial Lure Module – a frosty Lure Module that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes – especially ones that love the cold. It can also cause some Pokemon to evolve.
  • Magnetic Lure Module – an electronic Lure Module that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes – especially ones that possess a magnetic field. It can also cause some Pokemon to evolve.
  • Mossy Lure Module – a natural Lure Module that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes – especially ones that love mossy scents. It can also cause some Pokemon to evolve.

Now this fits in brilliantly with the main series games, because it reflects four Pokemon that can be evolved into with these environments. Eevee could evolve into Glaceon near an icy rock (Glacial Lure Module), while it could also evolve into Leafeon near a mossy rock (Mossy Lure Module). Nosepass and Magneton, however, could evolve into Probopass and Magnezone when near magnetic fields (Magnetic Lure Module).

So it looks like we’ll have four new Pokemon to add to our Sinnoh dex. Which leaves the following, and where it could have been distributed better:

Pokemon Event
Burmy Bug Out Event
Wormadam Bug Out Event
Mothim Bug Out Event
Cherubi Equinox Event
Cherrim Equinox Event
Shellos Regional variants – Earth Day (properly)
Gastrodon Regional variants – Earth Day (properly)
Mime Jr. Europe-to-Europe 7km Eggs
Gible Earth Day
Gabite Earth Day
Garchomp Earth Day
Hippopotas Earth Day
Hippowdon Earth Day
Rotom Unknown – possibly Magnetic Lure Module/Raid Boss
Regigigas 5* Raid Boss
Phione Unknown
Manaphy Special Research
Shaymin EX Raids/Special Research (Equinox Event)
Arceus EX Raids/Special Research

So in total, there are 13 Pokemon that could have been better distributed to other events that have already passed. I added Shaymin as an EX Raid boss because of its Land and Sky Formes, which can be easily used as opportunities for a boss, much like Deoxys and the discussions about Arceus.

Shellos and Gastrodon needed to have been handled better – us in Europe missed out on the initial release because we were asleep (thanks Niantic)! It is also interesting to note that the fan-favourite pseudo-Legendary Garchomp hasn’t yet made an appearance.

I could foresee Rotom going one of two ways – one by releasing it through Magnetic Lure Module exclusively, or a changeable Raid Boss depending on the Weather Boost (for example, the Rotom Heat or Mow can spawn during sunny weather, while Rotom Fan can spawn during windy weather – that kind of thing.

So it is clear that Niantic had ample opportunity to release all of these Pokemon. From October until now, we are still missing 1/5 of the Gen 4 Pokemon, including Mythicals, but not including separate forms. We are anticipating Hippopotas and Hippowdon during this year’s Go Fest, but we should have something new to catch in between, without them being ridiculously rare (looking at you Finneon, having to chase one for five minutes to a Crowne Plaza just to get the Pokedex entry – not pleased).

I found today’s featured image on Paul Cotton’s post about Leafeon and Glaceon. I think it sums up the post for me.

Investigation Start: Detective Pikachu Event

Please bear with me, I’m writing this as I’m coming off a bad migraine and two Mesprit raids in the pouring rain in what can be described as a typical Bank Holiday Monday in the UK.

Well I just got a notification and it looks like we’re having a Detective Pikachu event this week. As one of those people that’s booked their tickets to see the film (yay), I’m hyped. There are some interesting things happening, so let’s dive in:

  • The event will take place from Tuesday May 7th 1pm PDT until Friday May 17th at 1pm PDT.
  • Select Pokemon featured in the movie will appear in raids.
  • Pokemon that appear in the movie will show up more frequently in the wild.
  • You can obtain your very own detective hat Pikachu by being photobombed. Yes, as a massive Danganronpa fan, I already have my nicknames picked. Obviously.
  • Double XP for catching Pokemon.
  • Specific Field Research will be available for this duration.
  • New avatar items!

As for the specific Pokemon featured in the trailers, and I can assure that it’s possible that for every evolved form Pokemon featured (Charizard, Machamp, Ludicolo ect.) will also feature their pre-evolved forms, of which Pokemon such as Machamp, Charmander and Lotad have shiny forms presently).

It’s a shame Gen 5 isn’t presently out yet, because I adore Joltik. But my friend Steve will be happy about the inclusion of Sneasel – Weavile is among his favourite Pokemon.

However I can assume with the way past events have been with only select Pokemon being available for events, we would see a less varied event than we would expect, just as a taster.

I would be upset if Growlithe or Snubbull weren’t part of the event – I still need shinies of both, and to be frank, Snubbull is actually quite adorable in the trailers.

I just wanted to quickly go over this because it’s been a while since I’ve done an event post like this. I’ll probably do a review of Detective Pikachu when it comes out but despite having been a Film Studies student, I am terrible at film reviews.

Also Ludicolo is the featured image because Ludicolo is awesome. No questions.


I’m making a quick edit to the post after I learned some things about the Detective Pikachu event. According to Chrales, we can safely assume that the more frequent spawns will be Bulbasaur, Flareon, Psyduck, Jigglypuff, Aipom and Snubbull – and most likely Pikachu.

We will be given four new Research tasks:

  • Catch the Seed Pokemon that is seen walking in a river (Bulbasaur)
  • Catch the Fire-type Evolution of Eevee (Flareon)
  • Catch the Water-type Pokemon carried in a backpack (Psyduck)
  • Catch {?} Jigglypuff, Aipom or Snubbull

The Research descriptions carry over the theme of them being cryptic, as if you have to solve them yourself. But looking into the trailer, we already know what Pokemon correspond with which Research tasks, however I have no information on the rewards for each task.

My main hypothesis of there being select chosen Pokemon to represent the event was correct – the Pokemon chosen also all have shinies out (except for Flareon and Jigglypuff, whose shiny forms cannot be caught in the wild – they have to be evolved from Eevee and Igglybuff respectively).

Speaking of Eevee, I do also have some information from Chrales regarding it. That will be on another post coming shortly.

The Most Wanted Quality of Life Updates for Pokemon Go

We know Pokemon Go is far from perfect, and there are a lot of things that Niantic needs to improve on. So here is my list of quality of life improvements and updates that I would like to see in Pokemon Go:

1) Raid flares

This idea was inspired by my trip to Portugal, where a language barrier (and social anxiety) didn’t help with raid planning. The idea I had was raid flares, where you would select a Gym with a Raid or egg on, and signal your interest in the raid. That way, others can also see the flare, and confirm that they too would like to participate.

2) An option to mass transfer Event/Legendary/Shiny Pokemon

This has been requested since the inception of the special hat Pikachus. It kinda makes me not want to catch hoards of Pikachu. It’ll make a small difference to those who want it. And for those that don’t, that’s fine. It could be a toggle option in the settings menu.

3) Postcard collection

This one is for the traveller and collector in me, where I like to collect things from different places (for example, I have a couple of plushies I got from a trip to Dublin). Because I have friends in Japan, USA, Portugal and Denmark, I would like to keep a scrapbook of different postcards sent to me with the gifts.

4) In-game IV checker

With concerns of third-party IV checkers, we could have a feature similar to Let’s Go. We could have it within the appraisal, where the first line of text would be (for Valor): ‘Your Pokemon is 87%! It simply amazes me!’ This would be followed by its highest stats and its values: ‘Its attack is its strongest feature, at 15.’, and so on. We wouldn’t need the last line of each appraisal this way.

5) Allow us to receive gifts, XP and tasks from Pokestops when our bag is full

Lengthy point I know, but it would be nice. Seeing as though gifts don’t really contribute to space, so it would be nice to have the security of having a full bag and still getting something out of it. Perhaps the research tasks may allow us to use some of the items that is filling our bags, no?

6) Allow us to see if we can send someone a gift from the friends menu

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but my game slows down sometimes flicking through friends trying to find someone to send a gift to. We can’t see if the person has opened a gift or not from the menu, only when clicking on them. Removing the need to click on every one of your 200 friends helps eliminate time.

7) Increase the active Field Research quests limit

I’m sick of constantly deleting research tasks I would like to do purely because there isn’t space. It’s worse during Community Days or Research Days – especially Research Days. I would say 5 or 7 is a decent amount to keep active at one time – increase it to 5 as a base, and then 7 during Community and Research Days.

8) Using a power-up slider, showing the amount of candy and stardust it will cost, and the final CP

This is vital to saving time – if I were to power up a Groudon with over 100 candy, it would take me a long time, facts are facts. But if we had a slider, we could slide it across to our desired amount, and BOOM! Powered up massively in one fell swoop.

9) Shiny sprites on the overworld

This will save a lot of time shiny checking each and every Pokemon – so for example, if a Pidgey would show up shiny for you, its shiny sprite would show on the overworld instead of you having to select it to check for yourself. This is especially useful when you’re on the move (as a passenger, please do not play Pokemon Go and drive), or just want a quick glance. This is influenced by the Let’s Go games, where the shinies are visible on the overworld and surrounded by sparkles (the sparkles help for Pokemon that are not noticeable, such as Plusle).

10) Battle-Ready button for 1* and 2* raids

Nothing is more boring than sitting at a Magikarp raid waiting 2 minutes for the raid to start, while you can have a Battle Ready button to launch yourself straight into the raid. I mention this only for the 1* and 2* raids purely because it is something that may be abused for larger raids and cause toxicity – plus it’s handy to have the two-minute timer in case others want to enter the lobby, or if there are issues with counters (reviving, etc.). It’s a QoL update that has been called out for for a long time, so it would be nice to see it implemented.

11) Increase the amount of gifts you can keep in your inventory…

I personally feel that 10 gifts is too few to keep, especially for 200 friends. Increasing the maximum threshold to 20 (keeping in line with the daily limit for opening gifts) is ideal, and allows the player to keep more gifts to send to friends. This will work especially in a Pokestop-dense environment.

12) …while also increasing the amount of items gained from opening gifts

We had a great first few days of the Friendship system, where you could get 10 Ultra Balls from a gift. However, Niantic nerfed it, and some rejoiced because of filled bag space, while others (especially in less dense areas) cursed them out because sometimes it could be their only way of gaining items without paying for them. I personally tend to burn through items way quicker than I can gather them, and having so many items coming from gifts was especially beneficial considering the lack of Pokestops at the time.

13) Allow us to see how much Gym XP we have – in numbers

We all know that we gain 100XP when we place a Pokemon in a Gym, right? But what we don’t know is how much XP it takes to get from normal to bronze, from bronze to silver, and from silver to gold. I would like to see just how much XP we would need to go from one point to another, without irritating guesswork, or spamming berries onto a Gym to push for gold (guilty as charged).

14) Allow Ultra/Best Friends to trade remotely

We are able to battle with Ultra and Best Friends, so it would make sense if I were to be able to trade with one of my international friends remotely. For example, there could be a Trade option where I would select which Pokemon I wanted to trade, and for which Pokemon (for example, I would offer a Mr. Mime to trade, and select Relicanth as a Pokemon I would like in return). That person would accept or decline the trade terms, and if accepted, the trade would go ahead, and launch a pop-up alerting you of the trade.

Infinity) Release the rest of Gen 4 Pokemon?



Well that is pretty much it for now on what I’d like to see with Pokemon Go. If you have any other suggestions, let me know your thoughts! I chose the featured image based on the infinite point.