Naruto Shippuden Reviews – Part 6

Hey guys! We’re getting to the meat of the show now, with Pain’s Assault on Konoha. I mean, here it is. To be fair, a lot has gone into this arc.

Before we begin, let’s point out how many spoilers are in the opening credits? There are so many spoilers, it’s practically a summary of the arc. If you don’t want to watch the arc, just watch this and there you have it. Also laughing out loud at Ino trying to attack Konan with her weird dance. Like those moves aren’t gonna hit, girl!

It always breaks my heart to see Naruto receiving the news of Jiraiya’s death. Now this is just…the ninja is back in my house and cutting onions. Are we having onion soup for tea tonight? I suppose so. It all leads to Naruto undertaking sage training while everyone else figures out what Jiraiya’s secret code really means – they know as much as that there’s a control centre for the Pains, but aside from that, a lot of it is still an enigma.

I like the whole aspect of Naruto training and just how mature he becomes with it. I mean, it takes him a little while, but it shows his determination to find other avenues and shortcuts to his training.

We come up to the attack on Konoha, and everyone goes…kinda nuts. Everyone who wasn’t expecting to be thrust into combat is suddenly right in the thick of it. It’s also good to see Sakura take charge in the overcrowded hospital though, showing that she is capable of doing something under pressure. She’d have been screwed if she was in her pre-Shippuden mindset, that’s for certain.

Meanwhile the communications frog that was supposed to go to Naruto gets killed by Danzo, and if we needed a reason to hate Danzo, that’s pretty much it. Honestly, looking back we do need a huge excuse to hate on Danzo for the next canon arc. On the flip-side, it’s good to see people not answering the interrogation of where Naruto is, because, well, otherwise they’re practically a traitor to the village (although we forgive you Shizune, you had your head thoroughly examined I suppose).

It still sucks to see the deaths happening, especially Kakashi’s. You don’t expect him to actually go down easily, but that’s a testament to Pain’s power.

Konohamaru really impressed me, with the little screen time he got. He suddenly became a lot more grown-up and more determined to do what’s right. And he can do a mean Rasengan.

Honestly, nothing else is really noteworthy. Not even Tsunade talking with Pain. But then Pain utterly destroys the village and yup. Shit really does go down.

Danzo’s earlier reason for not wanting to bring Naruto back doesn’t really work out in the end, because, y’know, the village does get completely levelled at the end by Pain, and Naruto makes his untimely return.

Sucks to be Sasuke, guess he doesn’t get to destroy the village after all…

Do we need to reflect on Sakura’s response to the village’s destruction? I think everyone has done that at least once. But I kinda want to add that something has to give, and you would probably feel the same way that she does if the village that you’ve been born and raised in and are loyal to suddenly gets cratered before your eyes.

Naruto’s initial entrance and combat between the Pains was one of the best in terms of Naruto’s strategising and growth. He knew what he needed to do, and made calculated steps based on his findings. I love the absolute glow-up that we’ve seen from Naruto, especially since the Akatsuki Suppression arc. It makes looking back at the original series (especially the fillers) very painful indeed.

The other famous part of this battle is Hinata’s intervention. I mean, bless her, she does try. But you gotta feel that she confesses her love for Naruto, and he won’t acknowledge that for a long time. But I guess it means that she does end up triggering the Kyubi transformation, and that’s when things go downhill. The animation quality takes a complete downward turn. There’s just some awkward physics, emphasis on the action rather than the quality of the animation, and then just this one scene where Naurto/Kyubi takes a brick surface and just goes all old-time cartoon on Pain, nailing him into the ground.

And then there’s the featured image still. Fucking…what?

At least we got the whole ‘I am your father’ moment from Minato, but considering we already knew that Minato is Naruto’s dad, they had to give us some extra feels and throw in Naruto’s back-story, for added drama. I mean, it works, because it gets me in the feels every time, but if I had someone randomly come up to me and tell me they were my dad, I’d happily punch them in the stomach too – I don’t need a father figure, but that’s a story for another time.

Nagato’s perspective of the back-story that we saw earlier in Jiraiya’s arc is just as upsetting, and it shows us why Nagato became the leader of Akatsuki and the pain that he suffered throughout his life.

Naruto counters with his famous Talk no Jutsu, as well as his tool of choice, Jiraiya’s first book, from which Nagato inspired and Naruto was named after. Of course Talk no Jutsu works on Nagato, and he decides to counter with the second instance of Asspull no Jutsu, reviving everyone that was killed earlier in the arc.

I mean, kinda devalues those deaths, but it’s not even close to the bullshit that is a Fairy Tail asspull, that’s for certain.

And of course, Konan believes in Naruto and decides to leave Akatsuki. I mean, it means there are less targets to kill down the line, I suppose. But then it just leaves Kisame, Tobi and Zetsu, two of which are dangerous enigmas, and the other is Kisame.

The end of the arc culminates in a lovely montage of everyone getting resurrected, Sakumo Hatake finally at peace, Naruto being praised as a hero and Iruka and Ebisu reflecting on how people thought of Naruto, from being initially hostile and angry to praising him and showing concern once he’s grown up and seen as a person rather than an incubator for a tailed beast.

And of course there is that hug from Sakura that perpetuates the NaruSaku shippers (I mean, I can’t blame them, Naruto did fancy Sakura for the longest time).

Don’t worry about the village getting rebuilt – that’ll come in the next arc (which is filler), but then by the end of the series, the village is restored to its original state. Fucking magic!

So…umm…who’s gonna tell Sasuke that Konoha got destroyed by Pain?

Top 10 Poison-Type Shinies

The Poison-type has some amazing quality shinies, it’s unreal! And I want to go through my ten favourites from the type, in no particular order!

Mega Gengar / Gigantamax Gengar

94-1 94-gmax

This is what shiny Gengar should always have been! Instead of the barely-changed look, for the Mega Evolution, we got white with pink accents, and it looks amazing and truly ghastly (pun-intentional!). I also love how it was carried over to the Gigantamax form. I still love how GMax Gengar looks like a funhouse though.



I love the white body with black and pink detailing. It’s just majestic and elegant, and I really want to shiny hunt for a female Salandit right about now. The white looks a lot better than it should on this, not gonna lie.



I’m so happy that Arbok evolved from the green Ekans into a golden yellow colour because it just looks so damn good. I was happy to get a shiny Ekans in Pokemon Go, purely so that I could have the shiny Arbok later down the line.



I love the subtle change to Roserade, opting to change its roses to purple and black, which I feel makes it look more like a Poison-type if that makes sense. There’s a bit of bias too, as Roserade is one of my favourite Pokemon of all time.



The pink colouring on Crobat is a far cry from the green that Zubat and Golbat sported. While I like both colourations (and Golbat has a special place in my heart due to it being my first-ever shiny), I prefer the pink on Crobat. No matter what, either Golbat or Crobat would have made this list.



Shiny Toxapex is fun, and looks great in pink! I mean, I love Toxapex for its tanky uses in my Poison team, but its shiny is a great bonus. It’s a great pink shiny that doesn’t follow the trend of Water-type purple/pink shinies (thank the Hoenn region for that trend).



While I have Galarian Weezing on my Poison team, and it literally looks like shit. So here is Kantonian Weezing, which carries on the colour scheme of Koffing, and it works so well. I especially love the purple puffs of smoke – it makes it look more toxic than before.



It’d be cruel not to mention this Pokemon (get it?). Shiny Tentacruel’s green orbs and flesh-coloured tentacles make it feel a lot more natural-looking in my opinion. I don’t feel uneasy looking at it. I guess it helps that I had one in Let’s Go.



I always feel that the general colour palette for Nidoking and Nidoqueen should be swapped for their final evolutions (Nidoqueen missed the memo). But Nidoking is lovely in blue, I think the colour suits it far better than even the normal colouring.



I find Dragalge underrated. I’ve probably mentioned before that I really like its design, and its shiny form, like with Roserade, still makes it look like a Poison-type, but also something that was previously a Water-type.

Top 10 Poison-Types

These lists are starting to get infectious, so let’s dive into it – my list of my ten favourite Poison-types.

Side note: all of my shiny Poison-type themed team is on this list!

10. Gengar


Gengar is a classic fan favourite, and it’s just a shame it lost its Levitate Ability in favour of Cursed Body – I mean, the latter Ability is disgusting on the battlefield, but Levitate gave it extra protection against otherwise super-effective Ground-type moves. I used Gengar for my Let’s Go playthrough and it was so effective (although I used it primarily as a Ghost-type attacker). Shame about its shiny form though.

9. Galarian Weezing


I really like Galarian Weezing for its functionality on the field. However, even though it’s part-Fairy, the only Fairy move you need on it is Strange Steam – after all, a 20% chance of confusing the target is better than a terrible 40-power move like Fairy Wind. Honestly though, I just love its design, that it’s based on gentlemen wearing top hats, alongside chimney stacks spouting fumes, referencing the industrial aspect of British culture.

8. Dragalge


It’s hard to fully pinpoint why I like Dragalge so much, and I think a lot of it has to come from its design. I’d only seen a sea dragon for the first time a couple of years ago, and it was then that I appreciated the design of Dragalge a lot more than before.

7. Crobat


My good friend Steve has Crobat as one of his favourites, and I can agree, mainly for that reason, and also the shiny form is great. I like how it’s a great Pokemon that came from something so annoying. Thanks Zubat!

6. Nihilego


I’ve mentioned before that Nihilego is my favourite of the Ultra Beasts, mainly because of its design and its influence in the Alola stories. It’s actually quite eerie to see Pokemon possessing humans, as eluded to in the Pokedex entries, but to see it happen in the game – beautiful!

5. Nidoking


Nidoking was another champion that I used for my Let’s Go playthrough, as both my efficient Poison- and Ground-type attacker. I love the type combination, but it was a shame that it learned most of its effective moveset through TMs. I was excited to see its return announced in the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, because then I can obviously shiny hunt for it!

4. Toxapex


Toxapex is great for stalling and regeneration. I remember one match in the Battle Tower where it was up against a Glalie that was also using stall tactics. That was painful, but Toxapex isn’t used for attacking, which makes it hard to use in a normal playthrough, but I enjoyed using it to inflict poison on opponents and then just protecting and healing afterwards.

3. Toxicroak


Toxicroak is awesome – it’s a bloody frog, and I love frogs, especially poison dart frogs! I do think I find its shiny form even more exquisite, though. It’s a little fragile, and that won’t cover its 4x weakness to Psychic, but a lot of things we like have a 4x weakness (see today’s top spot for this).

2. Roserade


It helped that Budew was such an early, easy pick in Diamond, and after having raised a Budew all the way up to Roserade, the payoff was immense. Poison Point was a godsend at the time, crippling enemies, and Roserade was made sweeter with it being so viable in Pokemon Go as both a Grass-type and Poison-type attacker.

1. Toxtricity


Of course, Toxtricity had to take the top spot on this list. I hadn’t enjoyed using a Poison-type Pokemon as much as this since having used Roserade in Diamond. I saw Ace Trainer Liam using one in his initial Sword playthrough and I wasn’t too sure about it, honestly. But then I started using one of my own, and it was so worth it! It’s now a part of my Poison-type themed team.

Making Galar Gyms – Normal

Hey guys! After creating my very own Galar Gym, I wanted to take a look at the different types that were unused for Gyms. I liked the idea of having a minor league, and different Gyms depending.

Currently there are ten different types that were represented in Galar Gyms, considering that two of the Gyms were interchangeable depending on version. As Avery and Klara weren’t considered Gym Leaders, they had their specific teams. However, I will include both Poison and Psychic types in this series.

Today, I will cover the Normal-type! These Gyms will follow the same rules as my Sound-based Gym. With these Gyms, I will be including Pokemon found in the Isle of Armor as well.


The idea of the first Pokemon being an annoying infatuation staller really sits well with me, and Lopunny nicely fits the bill for this purpose. The Mago Berry fits Lopunny for it being of a Jolly nature.

Ability: Cute Charm

Item: Mago Berry

Moves: Bounce, Agility, Flatter, Headbutt


Dubwool would be great in terms of setting up a soul-destroying play. The Chople Berry ended up on Dubwool because of its only weakness being Fighting-type, and I wanted to bulk up Dubwool some more. The main play would be to Cotton Guard a couple of times before using Body Press, which uses the attacker’s Defense stat for the power.

Ability: Fluffy

Item: Chople Berry

Moves: Cotton Guard, Take Down, Body Press, Zen Headbutt


Blissey is supposed to be the annoying staller, with only one attacking move, but making up by disrupting the attacks by using Sing, as well as healing up with both Soft-Boiled and the Leftovers, with using Light Screen for added bulk.

Ability: Serene Grace

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Soft-Boiled, Light Screen, Sing, Take Down


I want to utilise the great Special offenses of male Indeedee, initally setting up with Calm Mind, before unleashing hell on Earth with its moveset. The Petaya Berry is there to further increase the Special Attack when in a pinch!

Ability: Synchronize

Item: Petaya Berry

Moves: Psychic, Calm Mind, Hyper Voice, Dazzling Gleam


Bewear is going to be the brute force of the team. Everything else is there for trolling, basically, but Bewear is going to be the Pokemon that’ll unleash everything.

Ability: Fluffy

Item: Payapa Berry

Moves: Hammer Arm, Strength, Brutal Swing, Giga Impact


Eevee is here because we need a Gigantamax Pokemon, and Eevee is the only Normal-type aside from Meowth that can do this. Because the Meowth that can do this isn’t native to Galar, and because of Eevee’s crippling G-Max Cuddle,

Ability: Adaptability

Item: Normal Gem

Moves: Charm, Take Down, Swift, Stored Power

Top 10 Flying-Type Shinies

I’ve just realised that we’re now past the halfway point in terms of both of our top 10 lists! It’s been an interesting ride, and we’ll carry on with my ten favourite Flying-type shinies. Again, this post is in no particular order.



Honchkrow has an amazing pink shiny – but shiny Murkrow infuriates me. I ended up with a good chunk of shiny Murkrow in Pokemon Go (although it’s not the worst culprit by far).



Drifloon is a pretty yellow, and the blue accents make it so much nicer than it already is. I think Drifloon just doesn’t appeal to me as much, but shiny Drifloon is just wonderful. I think it’s down to how cute Drifloon is, more than anything.



I love the light pink colour in general, and it works well with Farfetch’d. I wish that they’d done a similar colour change on shiny Galarian Farfetch’d, making it possibly a darker pink. But I love this, and it still makes Farfetch’d look fresh (and probably tasty).



As of writing, I currently have a shiny Salamence waiting for my good friend Steve to Lucky trade. It’s a great shiny! It’s green! It’s the sort of green shiny that Dragonite should have been if it had to be green, not gonna lie.



Shiny Doduo and Dodrio remind me of kiwi fruit, which is always a bonus in my books. I just have fond memories of riding a shiny Dodrio in Let’s Go, wishing there was a final evolution called Dodquad…



I love the stark change from blue to red on Lugia’s accented features. I appreciate that they kept the white part white, as it makes the red stand out even more. It proves that you don’t need a huge overhaul on the shiny colouration in order to make it work.



I love the blue on blue, it makes it cuter and more endearing. I mean, look at that face!



Taillow is green. It’s gorgeous. I love the green on the orange/red of the face. It’s nice on Swellow too, but the design of Taillow, in general, is better, so Taillow won this one.



I quite like the desaturated tones of shiny Fletchling, and I like that it keeps the colour scheme throughout its evolution line, I just prefer it on Fletchling.



I love the inversion of the black and white on Vivillon’s body while keeping the wings the same (as the wings are different depending on the location where the game started). It’s a simple change that freshens up the look of the Pokemon, and inverting the colours usually works for a quick shiny design.

Making New Pokemon from Unique Type Combinations – Part 1

Hey guys! I’m here again to make even more Pokemon! However, this time it’s all to do with type combinations used by only one evolution line. 

There will be no Mega Evolutions allowed, due to no Megas being available in the most recent games, we must assume we’re working with the non-Mega timeline.

Regional variants to be used sparingly, we want some originality. Same goes for evolutions of existing Pokemon. I also included the Fighting/Flying combination because this was written before Galarian Zapdos’s type combination was announced. I decided to leave it in because I loved the concepts that I came up with.

Nidoking and Nidoqueen are counted due to the fact that if gender differences were in the original games, they would have been a branched evolution rather than counterparts. Carbink and Diancie have also been included, as Diancie is the result of a Carbink mutation rather than an evolution. There are some instances where there are two newly created Pokemon per entry, and that’s fine!

Because there are 54 unique type combinations, this will be split into parts. Also working with me on this post is my good friend, Tim, over at That Tiny Website! Check out his stuff, amd check out the first of his posts here and the second will be linked here when it goes live!


Current Pokemon: Shedinja

New Pokemon: Crystasia

Crystasia is the Redemption Pokemon, and hey, its Ability will fit. It evolves from a withering cocoon and will look almost crystallised, ready for battle (I dunno, I was kinda feeling my Kennedy Davenport ‘after a long night of hookin’ fantasy there). It gains the Ability Rejuvenate, which when in a pinch, will automatically switch out and heal itself. This Ability will only work once per battle.

This Pokemon will be pretty fragile, but able to attack with an outstanding special attack stat.


Current Pokemon: Toxel & Toxtricity

New Pokemon: Eletrato & Toxamp

Eletrato is what I conceived as the Pikachu clone of the Lumaria region. I gave it the Poison-typing because of the idea of sewer rats and them being contaminated with disease, that ol’ lovely stuff. It’ll have the Ability Pickup, and the Hidden Ability Stench.

Toxel develops and evolves differently to those from Galar. At level 15, Toxel evolves into Toxamp, bridging the enormous gap between Toxel and Toxtricity. I felt that the Toxel line needs to be a third-stage evolution, as I previously mentioned it’s such a huge gap otherwise. Toxamp will have the same Abilities as Toxtricity (Punk Rock, Plus/Minus or Technician as a Hidden Ability), and at least be a little more viable than Toxel. Toxamp will basically take on the appearance of a teenage version of Toxtricity.


Current Pokemon: Hawlucha

New Pokemon: Benfeagle & Nearfetch’d

Benfeagle is one of a set of three Pokemon that I created for the Lumaria region. Benfeagle is based on an eagle, as well as the Portuguese football club Benfica. The concept of the three Pokemon (another of which I’ll touch on in this post) is that they are the “Três Grandes” (or Big Three) in Portugal. Therefore their only Ability is Derby, where the Pokemon’s Attack and Defense are increased by one stage when against another Pokemon with the Derby Ability.

Nearfetch’d is the evolved form of Kantonian Farfetch’d, having evolved after hitting level 30 and having fought in 30 battles. Now, this premise is pretty simple, and not as convoluted as Sirfetch’d. Nearfetch’d is a close combatant, and so its Abilities will be Reckless and Huge Power for its Hidden Ability.


Current Pokemon: Hakamo-o & Kommo-o

New Pokemon: Portogon

Portogon is the other of the Três Grandes that we’re discussing today. Portogon is based on FC Porto this time, and its crest includes a dragon, hence the Dragon/Fighting-type. As discussed, it also receives the Ability Derby.

Both Benfeagle and Portogon will have an emphasis on equalising attack and defence, with Benfeagle being the faster of the two, and Portogon will be a little bulkier in its HP stat instead. Sporleao (which is not on this list) in comparison will have equal speed and HP.


Current Pokemon: Frillish & Jellicent

New Pokemon: Fenwicca

Fenwicca is based on a bog witch, although not as creepy as you’d imagine. It’d take on a deceptively cute nature, but when the prey is attracted, it will devour it whole. It has the Ability Gooey, which will lower the attacker’s Speed stat upon contact.

This Pokemon will be a great special attacker, I’m sure, albeit a little fragile.


Current Pokemon: Honedge, Doublade & Aegislash

New Pokemon: Helmrit & Rustgeist

I got the inspiration for Helmrit and Rustgeist while watching Fullmetal Alchemist (for obvious reasons). Basically, Helmrit is based on the head of a suit of armour, and then it will evolve into Rustgeist at level 35, forming the rest of the suit of armour. It will have the Ability Spectral Transfer, where any physical contact will have a chance to add the Ghost-type to the attacker.  It will receive the Hidden Ability Steely Spirit.

In terms of stats, they will both have a similar stat distribution to Golett and Golurk – abysmal speed, but amazing physical offense.


Current Pokemon: Galarian Weezing

New Pokemon: Odditee

Odditee is a Mythical Pokemon worshipped by the people of Lumaria as a deity. However, its existence has yet to be proven past ancient drawings. Its real name is unknown, hence why people have dubbed it ‘Odditee’. It has two unique Abilities – Copycat and Power Share. Copycat copies the stat boots of the opposing Pokemon, and Power Share is where the last Pokemon in the party shares its highest stat with this Pokemon, allowing said Pokemon to raise that stat by two stages (for example, if Lucario is at the back of the party, Odditee’s Special Attack stat will be raised by two stages).


Current Pokemon: Morpeko

New Pokemon: Luxray (regional variant)

I decided to create a regional variant of Luxray with a much-requested type combination of Electric/Dark. It would be based on the Iberian lynx, which is found in the Iberian Peninsula, which is divided principally between Spain and Portugal. With Luxray being hunted to near-extinction, it gained the Dark-type in response. By keeping Luxray as a physical attacker, it will make great use of the Dark-type now-STAB physical moves, like Crunch and Thief.

It gains the Ability Intimidate as standard, as well as Quick Feet. It will keep Guts as its Hidden Ability.


Current Pokemon: Sneasel & Weavile

New Pokemon: Krampurr

Krampurr is basically a cat with goat-like features. It’s based on Krampus, who punishes children for misbehaving at Christmas (I’m just glad I wasn’t exposed to that story as a kid). It’d be an ideal counterpart to Delibird and will have the Ability Backlash, which will damage any opponent that attacks it (kinda like the Rocky Helmet item).

It’s bulky in defenses to cover its 4x weakness to Fighting, though. But if it survives a Fighting-type hit, it’s a Christmas miracle!


Current Pokemon: Nihilego

New Pokemon: Chalcarock

Chalcarock is based on the chalcanthite, which is a beautiful blue/green water-soluble sulfate mineral, however, it’s deadly when it’s broken down by water. Therefore, it’ll have the Ability Soluble – when hit by a Water-type attack, it’ll poison all of the Pokemon on the field (with the exception of immune Pokemon).


Current Pokemon: Rotom

New Pokemon: Plasmite

Plasmite is a plasma Pokemon whose electricity keeps it in this plane of existence. It’s more commonly found near appliances that have been left on, allowing it to power itself up. Its Abilities are Lightning Rod and Motor Drive.

There’s not a whole lot I can say for this, but it’s a pretty poor Pokemon to use in battle. It’s literally a worse Rotom.


Current Pokemon: Volcanion

New Pokemon: Arcanine (regional variant)

People wanted a Water-type regional variant of Arcanine. I think Arcanine is fine as a Fire-type. I’ll compromise and bring you a Fire/Water Arcanine. I think it’ll look like it has steam coming from it, like extra fur, if that makes sense.

I’d also still give it Intimidate and Justified (Hidden Ability), but for its secondary, I’d want to give it an Ability called Steam Body – the opponent is damaged upon physical contact, and has a chance to burn.


Current Pokemon: Dottler & Orbeetle

New Pokemon: Hibee

Hibee is your generic drone bee. They evolve from male Combee starting at level 21, just like its female counterpart. Hibee is a combination of ‘hive mind’ and ‘bee’, and lose its Flying-type in favour of Psychic as its secondary. True to the nature of the Drone Bee, its only Ability will be Wild Mate (for lack of better phrasing), where the wild Pokemon encounters will have a higher chance of being female. Honestly, a lot of Abilities have to suck (and so do the Pokemon), but this would make shiny hunting for Salandit less of a drag.

Top 10 Flying-Types

We’re definitely soaring through the list now, aren’t we? Well, let’s get into it! Here is my top 10 Flying-type list!

10. Braviary


I’ve discussed Braviary aplenty before, so here’s the breakdown – Braviary is awesome. That’s pretty much it.

9. Zapdos


I’ve talked about Zapdos enough, you know the drill. It’s here, that’s all.

8. Altaria


For me, Altaria is an interesting anomaly. It’s very majestic, and a great Dragon-type to have on your team if you don’t want to train up a pseudo-Legendary. Interestingly, Mega Altaria is immune to Dragon-type moves because it also has the Fairy-typing. I adore this majestic cloud-bird, especially with its shiny form being such a lovely golden colour.

7. Honchkrow


Honchkrow is just badass. It’s been on a couple of my ‘Theme Team’ lists for various characters, and both sported the Superpower move (although it’s risky to lower its already pitiful Defense stat). Give Honchkrow the Moxie Ability to further boost its lovely Attack stat, too! It’s definitely an upgrade from Murkrow that was much-needed.

6. Drifblim


I love both Drifloon and Drifblim, but I have to give Drifblim credit where it’s due – it has a surprisingly high HP stat, but that goes to justify its lousy defensive capabilities. At least it can hit well, but it’s here for its gimmick of being a Pokemon that takes people away, and its shiny form is beautiful and yellow!

5. Corviknight


Who doesn’t love Corviknight? While I didn’t carry one all the way through to the end of my playthrough, I still love it. It has a great Flying/Steel-type combination, and this comes in handy for that extra resistance to go along with its great Defense stat. It’s also a great change to the Normal/Flying-type combination that we see on early birds. I have to give credit – shiny Corviknight is beautiful, and it’s also blessed with a Gigantamax form!

4. Staraptor


Staraptor is one of the best early birds there is. I used a Staraptor back in the day of Diamond, and I couldn’t have had a better bird on the team. Its Intimidate Ability really helped cut the attack of the opponent, and it was so strong for me – it was part of the strongest three on my team, along with Luxray and Roserade.

3. Hawlucha


Hawlucha is just one that I love for the appearance and gimmick alone if I’m honest. It’s definitely a show-off luchador, and we love a bit of wrestling in Pokemon, it’s clear. It gets access to Flying Press, which deals both Fighting and Flying-type damage, meaning it has great coverage across the board in terms of weaknesses (I always forget Pikachu Libre can learn Flying Press, too).

2. Rayquaza


Rayquaza is magnificent, but broken as hell. I pointed this out in my Mega Evolutions list, but Rayquaza, because of the storyline of the Delta Episode, can Mega Evolve without holding a corresponding item – meaning that it can hold something else to give it extra damage output, such as a Life Orb. Rayquaza is also one of my favourite Legendaries of all-time, too!

1. Togekiss


Togekiss was such a powerhouse when it came to Pokemon Go, and I know it’s a huge factor in the competitive scene, too. You definitely want to focus on Special moves for this though, as its physical Attack stat is shocking. That’s easy to do, though, as a lot of its moveset is comprised of Special Attack. I’d go for Super Luck on Togekiss for some extra critical hits. This thing can learn more moves that can’t miss than any other Pokemon too, and they all have great type coverage! Its change to Fairy/Flying has really helped it since Gen 6, though!

Pokemon Sword/Shield – Isle of Armor Review

Just last week came payday, so I finally got the Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword! And of course, I had to explore the Isle of Armor, which I heard great things about!

But did this half of the expansion pass live up to the hype?


The story is fairly short, as is with post-game storylines. As I was playing on Sword, I got Klara as my rival. I love the beginning where the guy chickens out of meeting with her so that you end up taking his place, in lucky circumstance!

Speaking of Klara, I love how we have an antagonistic rival again that isn’t Bede. It encourages the competition, and it felt good to beat her. Remember guys, I am the true Poison-type master! Klara walked so that I could run. But that’s a topic for another post!

I enjoyed doing the three trials, even though they’d normally be seen as pretty mundane. It allowed for exploration, and practically encouraged it. I love the storyline involving Kubfu, especially taking it around to different locations. And the fast Slowpoke made me laugh, and I still feel that even though I’ve explored everything, there’s still so much that I have to do!

The Map

I knew the map was large, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as large as it was. I felt that through my exploration before I reached the Dojo, I’d covered a lot of ground. However, I soon knew that there was a lot more to cover, and I’d underestimated just how much exploring that I could do.

All round, I definitely wish the original Wild Area was this expansive, I had such a fun time exploring everything, and I think that was the whole aim of the Diglett hunt, as well as the Dojo trials.

My favourite locations has to be Challenge Beach and Loop Lagoon. I love the open beach style of Challenge Beach, with the Tower of Waters in the middle as a huge focal point. As for Loop Lagoon, I love lagoons in general, and generally finding well-hidden areas. Honeycalm Island gets a shout-out here because of its unique shape and its general aesthetic.

I saw someone complaining that there wasn’t a Nursery on the Isle of Armor, and I saw a reply saying that if there was a Nursery on the Isle, we wouldn’t want to go back to the mainland. And honestly, that’s pretty accurate!

The Digletts

I enjoyed the Diglett hunting to a certain point. The main criticism I have about it is that the Digletts appear way too small. I am someone with relatively poor eyesight, so I have to wear glasses to play the game on the TV (which is my preferred method, because of the awful Joy Con drift problem). I also suffer from very frequent migraines (such as I can sneeze and have a horrible migraine). These combined made it hell. I relied on Serebii to help find a few of the Digletts, as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to search for them myself without issues. As it was, my eyes were still hurting even with the help of Serebii, so it was quite infuriating, but I got all of the Digletts down in the end.

So my solution? Just make the Digletts a little easier to see, that’s all!

The Included Pokemon

I have to say that I quite like the array of returning Pokemon. However, I do kinda wish there were maybe one or two more Galarian forms present, Slowpoke and Slowbro aside. I do really like shiny Slowbro though, and its evolution mechanic is interesting, that’s for certain.

I got to use Krookodile for the first time, which I really enjoyed going up against Klara. I always liked Krookodile anyway, but I knew that as soon as I saw Sandile trotting around Potbottom Desert, it was going to be great against her Slowbro.

Be prepared for the chorus of Poliwhirl in the Soothing Wetlands, although that’s never a problem, really.

I’m never a huge fan of using Legendary Pokemon, so to have to bond with Kubfu was something that I wasn’t really too bothered about. However, I did end up bonding with it, and that along with its cutscene antics probably makes it one of my favourite Legendaries. Honestly, I feel that being able to have it follow me around really helped, as I often found myself waiting for it to catch up to me!

Also, fuck Sharpedo.


I love the idea of having your Pokemon follow you, although I wish that was the case for the entirety of Galar, rather than just in the Isle of Armor. It’d be nice if we saw it in the Crown Tundra too, at least.

I quite like the idea of the Max Soup, and that you have to find the mushrooms in order to make it, so you really have to work to get that final product. For my first, I definitely felt the nostalgia for my first team hit me, and I chose to Max Soup my original Toxtricity. I plan on doing the same for my Poison team, as well as my shinies that can drink it.

I like that I can spend my Watts in the Dojo by making it more of a hub to work with. However, unless you want the token of Honey’s League Cards and a battle, I’d suggest sticking to the 400,000 Watts upgrade, which adds HP Up and Carbos to the vending machine. I do wish that for the last upgrade we got a simple working miniature Pokemon Centre where we could heal our Pokemon through it, rather than go camping, use items or head straight to mainland Galar.

Restricted Sparring is quite fun, and the rules of using one type actually make this quite fun, as someone who specialises in their Poison team quite efficiently.


Overall, I really enjoyed the Isle of Armor from start to finish. While the story was a bit short, I guess that depended on how long you took to explore the island. I get distracted by exploring in games such as this, so it took me a little while to get through the story.

But with this here, and Crown Tundra coming up later this year, it’s definitely worth buying. I would suggest that the Isle of Armor alone has more content than any Sims full expansion pack (which usually retails around £34.99).

How Well Did The Champions Represent Their Regions

Hey guys! Today I thought we’d dissect the Champions *and technically not Champions but have a final battle/refuse the title*. So I thought I’d put them all here, and separate them by region groups, to make things a little easier.

As before, I’m making these lists referring to the original Champion battles that you have with these characters – that means no rematches, sequels or remakes – Let’s Go aside, because Trace is a different character to Blue.

Kanto to Hoenn


Blue and Trace, even though they do have no choice but to use a Kanto team, have such an amazing spread of type combinations. This allows them to have a competitive edge. These are all tough Pokemon, and I love how Trace keeps the orphan Cubone and raises it into the Marowak we see. Blue has two sets of Exeggutor, Arcanine and Gyarados but this set-up varies depending on what starter you pick.

Lance disappoints me. Despite the fact that you can get Kingdra (which would be an amazing asset to his team) he uses three separate Dragonite. Dude, get it together!

Stephen has such a beautiful team consisting of a combination of Steel- and Rock-types, with only Skarmory coming outside of Hoenn.

Wallace is less impressive in that regard, being mono-type-based. Although he has Ludicolo.

Sinnoh to Kalos


Cynthia’s only non-Sinnoh Pokemon is Milotic, but at the same time the rest of her team is just phenomenal. At the time, Spiritomb had no weaknesses, and we needn’t discuss her Garchomp further.

Of course, Alder had a full Unova Pokedex to work with, so there’s that. Iris does have a mostly Unovan team, with Aggron and Lapras being exceptions.

Diantha is admittedly an easy Champion to fight. But her only non-Kalos Pokemon is Gardevoir, but it does Mega Evolve, so she has that.

Alola & Galar

I included Kukui and Hau despite them not being champions.

LycanrocA RaichuAegislash
A NinetalesFlareon
Mr. Rime

Kukui has a pretty even spread of Pokemon, with Lycanroc being his main partner. Apart from the Alolan Ninetales and the starter strong against yours, there are no other Alolan Pokemon. The same goes for Hau as well, with Crabominable, Alolan Raichu and the starter weak to yours.

Leon is a bit different. In two of his possible teams, he only has two Galarian Pokemon, including the starter strong against yours. Otherwise it’s Dragapult and Mr. Rime if you choose Scorbunny.

So that’s it! I didn’t think I could fit it in one post, but I did. Next week will be the first part of the rivals list.

Worst Animal Crossing Villagers by Species

There are plenty of Animal Crossing villagers that we love, but then there are also the ones that we really can’t gel with. It’s all subjective, and whatever villager I may like, you may dislike, and vice versa.

But here are my choices for the worst Animal Crossing villagers by species.

Alligator – Boots

I had Boots on my island before, and he was just annoying. I thought I’d like him due to his simple appearance, but I just couldn’t gel with him. I cheered when he wanted to leave the island.

Anteater – Olaf

I’m not huge on the anteaters anyway, but Olaf reminds me of that one character from the Lemony Snicket series by name only, and therefore I just can’t. Plus he looks so angry he probably won’t enjoy Laranjeira anyway.

Bear – Chow

It’s scary. Please take it away.

Bird – Jitters

This poor bird looks how I felt when I was at my call centre job and chugging cups of vanilla flavoured coffee like there was no tomorrow.

Bull – Coach

I’m not huge on the facial hair aspect on villagers, but it does suit Coach with his aesthetic, I won’t lie. But it’s just not one that I’d have on my island.

Cat – Tabby

I like most of the cat villagers, but poor Tabby looks like she has issues, man. Poor thing. I think it’s the teeth. She has the same problem that Moe does in that regard – a weird mouth.

Chicken – Knox

I don’t particularly like the animals wearing armour or having attachments that make them look like it’s a part of their body, and Knox is very much the prime example here.

Cow – Naomi

The cows tend to be pretty plain, but Naomi is the only one that looks really unique but strange at the same time.

Cub – Barold

Again, I don’t like the facial hair or the glasses-looking situation. He’s one of the only cub villagers that I just don’t like.

Deer – Deirdre

It’s a stretch because of the amount of good deer villagers. But Deirdre, that lipstick? Oh honey, no. You would have been as lovely as Fauna otherwise!

Dog – Marcel

I have a dislike for mimes. I think the worst part isn’t the face, it’s the body, which is green, for some reason. If Marcel had a black body, I still wouldn’t have liked him that much, but it would have been a lot less jarring.

Duck – Freckles

Freckles would be very endearing, if it wasn’t for the wide-set eyes. That kinda creeps me out a little, not gonna lie.

Eagle – Amelia

I like the eagles, but Amelia looks like she’s stuck her face too close to the sun. Get some aloe vera on that shit, honey!

Elephant – Paolo

That smile doesn’t belong on the side of your face. Please move it, then we’ll talk.

Such a lovely pink colour though, a shame.

Frog – Jambette

Euw those lips. Girl you don’t need lip injections! She looks like she’s been on Drag Race and then got called up for the All-Stars variant, so she had to get lip injections as a ‘glow-up’.

Goat – Velma

Velma kinda reminds me of a guy that was a friend of some folks from college. Seriously, she does look like him. The goats aren’t great anyway, but I just can’t with Velma.

Gorilla – Violet

I don’t like the gorillas, but Violet takes it a step further. I don’t like the lips, they look like facial hair.

Hamster – Rodney

Whenever I see him on a Mystery Tour I run the fuck away.

Hippo – Harry

Harry appears on every Mystery Tour that I do, and when you’re looking for certain villagers, that’s one Nook Miles Ticket wasted. I got trashed for disliking him because he got pissy about the hate.

Horse – Victoria

I just don’t like the racing gear, okay? It detracts from the rest of her.

Kangaroo – Sylvia

Why does she look like an emo reject? Like girl this ain’t 2006! It’s just the hair. Get rid of the hair, then we’ll talk.

Koala – Alice

She’s just not my cup of tea. I like the koalas, but Alice is a bit of a miss for me. I can see that she’s endearing in her own way, but Alice is the least memorable of the bunch.

Lion – Leopold

I think the colours clash too horribly, but then again, I don’t like any of the lion villagers. I tend to get strange vibes from him, like he’s one of those intellectual-looking anime characters that is secretly completely twisted and evil.

Monkey – Tammi

The only monkey I like is Deli. The others creep me out. So have Tammi, who was picked at random for this entry.

Mouse – Moose

I really don’t like villagers with prominent hair-like features (see Barold). Moose reminds me of that one Maths teacher I used to have with dark hair and ginger sideburns.

Octopus – Zucker

The only thing I dislike about Zucker is that I found him three times on two separate villager hunts. Considering the other options for this category were Marina and Octavian, sorry Zucker!

Ostrich – Phil

I really like the ostriches, so sorry Phil! You’re just the least liked of them.

Penguin – Puck

Again, the penguins I really like. I’m not a fan of head-gear or stuff like that on villagers. I love the pink, I just wish that it was more visible.

Pig – Curly

The main thing I dislike about Curly is that he shares Connor’s birthday (July 26th), so I can’t have his birthday twin on my island because it’s…this thing.

Rabbit – Tiffany

She just straight-up looks like someone that I’d find on West Street on a Saturday night. Nope. Even her name makes her sound like that kind of worker.

Rhino – Rhonda

I’m not huge on a lot of the rhinos, but Rhonda would definitely go well with the wannabe emo Sylvia.

I have nothing against the emo culture, but still…not a good look for Rhonda.

Sheep – Wendy

Wendy annoyed the living crap out of me when she was on my island. I love the colours and whatnot, but with Twiggy being another peppy villager, Wendy looked like a try-hard. And it took all day to get her off my island when someone else had Willow in boxes.

I really wanted Willow.

Squirrel – Sheldon

I like the squirrels, Sheldon just looks goofier than the rest. It was a hard toss-up between Sheldon and Ricky, but Sheldon lost the coin-flip.

Tiger – Tybalt

I dunno, just don’t feel any of the tigers. Sorry Tybalt.

Wolf – Dobie

I don’t actually dislike any of the wolf villagers, but Dobie is kinda the one I’d be less inclined to choose to come to my island. Although if I had an entire wolf village, I wouldn’t be mad with him in the slightest.