How Well Do The Gym Leaders Represent Their Regions – Part 1

I apologise for the long-winded title, but here is a brand new idea, inspired by the Pokemon GO Throwback event. As you may be aware, certain ‘Catch a ____ Type’ tasks were actually based on the region’s Gym Leaders. But owing to the difficulty of some of the tasks (especially the Ground- and Ghost-type Sinnoh tasks), I wanted to make this essay about how well each Gym Leader represents their region in the Pokemon that they choose. Today I will be discussing the regions from Kanto to Sinnoh, with Unova, Kalos and Galar coming next week.

We will also be focusing on their original teams instead of remakes, and we will not be revisiting Kanto’s teams in the Johto games.


It’s clear that, as the first ever games, the teams are going to be all representing Kanto. However, for formalities’ sake, I’ll list the teams from the Red/Blue games and see how each type is represented.

BrockMistyLt. SurgeErika

I have to say that the least varied teams in these games are Misty’s and Sabrina’s, owing to the fact that they only have one evolution line in their teams – Staryu and Abra lines respectively. This is remedied in the Let’s Go games, with Misty having Psyduck instead of Staryu, and Sabrina has Mr. Mime, Slowbro, Jynx and Alakazam in her team, a far cry from just using each of the Abra line.


Well this is interesting. I can give a little bit of room for this as Johto does connect to Kanto, but I digress. This was God-awful.


Oh dear…I didn’t expect to have to tear apart the Johto Gyms, but I can give allowances to Clair and Jasmine at the very least – Kingdra was the only new Dragon-type to be introduced into the games, while Magnemite utilised the newly-introduced Steel-type. I do think that Jasmine should have had a Skarmory, at the very least. Whitney’s only Pokemon could be Miltank and it’d still be a problem.

Morty could have easily replaced one of the Haunter with a Misdreavus, while Chuck could have thrown in a Hitmontop, as it can be obtained from level 20. Having two Pokemon as a fifth Gym Leader is a disgrace. He, Falkner and Bugsy do not use any Johto Pokemon, despite there being plenty of Pokemon to use from Johto. Replace Pidgey with Hoothoot and Metapod with either Ledyba or Spinarak.


Well this could have been a lot worse, I might add. I’m adding Juan in here because Emerald isn’t a remake, plus it’s for extra coverage. I like how Hoenn feels like a soft reset on the franchise, as an attempt to glide gently away from the Kanto and Johto regions, and making it on its own.

WinonaTate & LizaWallaceJuan

Wattson, you let me down, man. Way before Mauville City, you can obtain a Plusle, Minun and Electrike (all on Route 110).

Aside from that, I like the variety of all of the teams that we have here – I still favour Norman’s team, though, for its difficulty despite it being Normal-type.

Winona’s team is beautiful though. I like seeing Skarmory representation that should have been in the Jasmine’s team from earlier.

Juan’s Kingdra still haunts my nightmares though.


This is an interesting one. With teams represented without many Pokemon to represent it (aside from evolved forms of pre-existing Pokemon), it’s clear that the Sinnoh region had to dive into other regions for their Pokemon choices.

RoarkGardeniaMayleneC. Wake

Okay, for Candice’s team, replace Medicham with Froslass (as in Platinum), evolve Sneasel and evolve the Piloswine from Platinum into Mamoswine, replacing Snover, and that’s a better team. Volkner’s team in Platinum is better though. Everything else is a bit meh, with the exception of Fantina and Gardenia – Gardenia actually uses a starter, while Fantina has Drifblim and Mismagius.

Villagers I Dread Finding in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Earlier on, I made a post of my most wanted villagers that I’d love on my island. This time, we’ll flip that around, and give an insight to the villagers that I dread and go ‘Euw no’ when I find them on my Mystery Tours! I’ve also liked a villager from the back, but then saw their face for the first time and freaked.

Any of the mouse villagers


Like no. I’ll put Dora as an exception here because she’s actually cute, but the rest are just…no. Candi is my main example here because, I mean…look at her eyes! That’s not right at all. I saw her on one of my tours and I freaked the heck out. I just don’t like mouse villagers in general, so it’d be hard to convince me to take one.



I tend to like cub villagers in general (see Stitches and Bluebear as two of my favourites), but Barold is just straight-up ugly. It’s to do with his facial hair and glasses-like appearance, but it’s a straight-up no from me. I feel like I’ve seen him on a tour before and just went straight to Wilbur, crying.



I think it’s something to do with those lazy-looking eyes accompanied with the hamster teeth. I feel that if his eyes weren’t so droopy and lazy, he wouldn’t look so bad. Also maybe the pink tuft of hair was a lighter green instead?



It’s the monobrow, man. I don’t normally have issues with monobrows, but holy cow Nate does not pull it off. Remove the monobrow, and he’d be super-cute, I guarantee. That’s literally it. I saw him once and ran for the hills.



I saw this frog on those lips and just went nope. She wouldn’t be so bad if her lips weren’t eligible to be on Botched, but I doubt even that would save her. And y’all think Diva was bad!

Any more Peppy villagers

Bluebear *sob*

I dread any more Peppy villagers for one reason – I’ve had an abundance of Peppy. In my original ten, I had Twiggy and Wendy. I got rid of Wendy, Ketchup came. Ketchup left, I have Audie now. I’m so happy with Twiggy and Audie, so it upset me that I had to turn down both Flora and Bluebear because as adorable as they are, they were both Peppy – I would have taken both otherwise. I don’t like having more than two of the same personality at the same time, but there are so many good Peppy villagers that it sucks.

Naruto Shippuden Reviews – Part 3

We’re getting deep into Shippuden now, and we’ve come to the first of many filler arcs in the series – the Twelve Guardian Ninja arc. I apologise for not having this up, but I always have difficulty getting through filler arcs – School Days was easier to get through than this arc. This resulted in me skipping over to the Akatsuki Suppression Mission arc.

The arc covers episodes 72-88, however there is more context in episode 89, leading into the Three-Tails filler arc.

I have to preface by stating that Closer by Inoue Joe is an absolute bop of an opening, and it gives me chills.

Before this arc, and before the previous filler, we finally get the opportunity to see Naruto learning a new technique and getting stronger, and lo and behold he has the wind-nature. Honestly, in terms of Naruto learning wind-nature training, I do have to rant. Hold on.

What was the point in Jiraiya’s training when all we saw Naruto do in flashbacks is learn how to dispel Genjutsu (which should have been taught a lot earlier, considering) and getting triggered to the point of unleashing the four-tailed form. He wasn’t taught the extra benefits of the Shadow Clones, and even just at least finding out his nature should have been part of basic training. We saw in the Tsunade arc that Jiraiya focused on ‘research’ than he did on the training that Naruto needed – Naruto mastered the Rasengan almost alone at that point. I do like that it gave an explanation to Asuma’s Chakra Blades, but it would have been interesting for Naruto to have the Rasenshuriken technique already as an ace, and then in this arc be taught or develop a new technique that wasn’t based on the Rasengan.

I wondered what the point of Jiraiya’s training was, and I even Googled it, and I saw the word ‘nothing’ came up. That says it all.

A painful filler arc later, and we actually come to some more decent content! This has to be one of my favourite arcs of the entire series so far, where we’re introduced to two more Akatsuki members. Hidan and Kakuzu carry on the trend of Akatsuki members being more inhuman, which only serves to alienate the organisation more for us. It’s a subject I do want to touch upon though, once all of the Akatsuki members are revealed. And honestly, having watched back, Hidan has to be one of my favourite Akatsuki members by far. Even with his Jashin-worshipping nonsense and batshit insanity.

We got a brief introduction of the Jinchuriki of the Two-Tails, but then she died before we got to know her better. This is where I’d like to see mini-series based on each of the Jinchuriki that we don’t get to know as well as Gaara or Naruto, as well as the brief back-stories we later get of Yagura, Utakata and Fu (the last two were filler only though). I would have rather seen that than the fillers that we do get later on, because it personalises them more and makes them more human as characters.

It was sad that Asuma did indeed die, but at the time I couldn’t shed a tear because I really needed to pee in that moment. However, it gave us amazing character development in Shikamaru, and it’s pretty much the moment that I just go ‘yes, he’s one of my favourites!’. It was upsetting to see a character go through depression, but that scene when he starts strategising after his emotional outburst resonated with me, because I do that kind of thing all the time.

I also love the development that Naruto goes through in attempting to developing a new technique. While he’s his usual reckless self during training, it’s shown that he’s matured and learned how to utilise his Shadow Clones by sending them out and observing from their experience, as shown while battling Kakuzu. Plus Shikamaru became a huge badass dealing with Hidan as form of revenge, using his genius to do so, rather than fancy tricks.

In this arc, I really enjoyed the development of the characters going forward, especially after Asuma’s death. It may not be the combat itself that lends it my personal favour, but it’s the growth of the characters all around. We also learn of the Akatsuki’s *current* plan to become a mercenary group and use the Tailed Beasts that they’ve extracted in order to monopolise war. I mean, that’s an interesting concept, I gotta give them that.

Plus, only Naruto could develop a technique and immediately be forbidden from using it due to it being a double-edged sword. But aside from that, there’s not a whole lot to write about in terms of this arc. It’s pretty straight-forward, I do admit.

The first official episode of the Three-Tails Arc actually blends in with the final loose ends of the Akatsuki Suppression Arc. However, I’ve opted not to cover any more filler arcs.

Next time, we’ll focus on the Itachi Pursuit Arc.

Top 10 Grass-Type Shinies

This was a hard post to write, as I had writer’s block when it came to talking about these shinies in particular. But I managed, and I’m bringing you my favourite Grass-type shinies!



The entire Applin line swaps its red colouring to green, but I think it works best on Flapple. The light and dark green colours together work really well, and I love the impact the change has on Flapple over Appletun.



I love the contrast of purple and blue on Gourgeist, as well as the glowing Jack-o-Lantern body. It’s definitely a Pokemon that’s been coloured black, for those who love the aesthetic of black pumpkins for Halloween.



The shiny form is why I ended up loving Ludicolo all the more. It’s a well-needed glow-up from Lombre, and it compliments its jolly, carefree attitude all the more.



Decidueye looks even more like the emo bird that people make fun of it for being, but I love the contrast of black, white and the turquoise, with elements of red. Rowlet will probably soon be a shiny hunt just because I love this shiny form.



Serperior looks even more elegant in its shiny form than in its regular form. The entire Snivy line can be praised for being the best out of the Unova starters (Tepig is nice though). It kinda makes you want to choose Snivy as a starter just to hunt the shiny.



I always thought it was strange that Tangela and Tangrowth was blue to begin with, and yes, I really like both shinies, but Tangela just wins out. I do have a shiny Tangrowth on my Pokemon Home account, and it just looks so good, but I think Tangela just looks better in general. I love the bright green on this shiny. Good green!



Chespin is sorely let down by its evolutions, but its shiny form is so good. I love the colour combination as it’s very autumnal, something that I love in shinies. We’ll not discuss the evolutions.



Vileplume is one of those that, like Tangela, turns green in its shiny form. I do like the contrast of the green body and the orange flower on top of the head. It’s a simple shift that’s pleasant on the eyes and keeps the colour theme of the Oddish line (forgetting Bellossom, of course).



Shiny Gossifleur is really pretty. It’s a simple colour shift that mutes the colours somewhat, but I think it’s easier to see the distinct shape and inspiration to Gossifleur this way – it was one of the first that I shiny hunted in Sword.



What can I say, I’m definitely a sucker for a pink shiny. I like the way that Virizion, to me, resembles cherry blossoms, and the Pokemon is so elegant itself that it pulls off the pink colour really well.

A Frosty Reception – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 6

A lot of bad stuff happened in the last part, so will things look up for us now?

Find out here!

Things Are Looking Up

We reached Hammerlocke, and I had to go east to reach Route 7. Bede was there, of course, and Opal spotted him. Well, Bede is very pink, y’all, and so Opal dragged him off for Fairy boot-camp. Also, stuff went boom, but we’ll get to that later.

I finally go to Route 7, but Hop was persistent in wanting to battle. Snorlax was a stally pain, but I managed to take him down relatively easily. Then my Route 7 encounter was a Galvantula, which was hugely welcomed after the loss of Neo. I named the Galvantula Bonnie and added her to the team in exchange for HotRocks.

I’m grateful Route 7 is so short, because I shortly arrived at the first part of Route 8 easily, and ended up with a Golett for my encounter, which I named Pierre. The Steamdrift Way area was vastly different, and I picked up a Snom of all things! I’ll have to sort out the evolution soon, but I don’t want to have to bring it out with how fragile it is. I named it Lemon for literally no reason. As I went on, it was another easy path to get to Circhester.

Skating on Thin Ice

I went back to the Dusty Bowl for that encounter, which turned out to be a Swinub. I named it Ellie from the Ice Age series. I also decided to do a bit of grinding and raiding for items, and I also changed out Bonnie in favour of Bing, because I knew that Bing would be able to handle the upcoming Gym.

Bing eventually evolved into Lampent, and then I was able to use a Dusk Stone I picked up earlier to evolve it into Chandelure!

It was then time for the Gym challenge! I hate the falling challenges because they feel like they take so much time to navigate, but I managed it in the end, and I was able to take on Melony (God, I love Melony).

I was able to take her first three out with Bing alone, and then Lapras was where Chester shone and two-shot the poor thing.

I went to Bob’s Your Uncle (such a British thing indeed) and then went to the Hero’s Bath where I walloped Hop – seriously, this kid’s persistent.

Onto Route 9, where my encounter was a freaking Jellicent! That was me happy, except for the amount of time and persistence it took to catch the damn thing. It took forever, but I managed to catch it and I named it Barbecue because it was getting late and I was getting hungry.

Then it was time for Team Yell to emerge, and yeah that was easy, as expected. I got the water element for my bike at long last, and I could explore further. In Circhester Bay, I encountered a Wailmer that was a lot easier to catch than the damn Jellicent was. Wailmer was named Melvin.

I ended the session at Outer Spikemuth, where my encounter was a Thievul, oddly enough. She was captured and named Maid Marian.

Final results

Deaths: 3

Final team:

Vileplume – Blunderbar

Inteleon – James Pond

Chandelure – Bing

Pangoro – Chester

Mudsdale – Clonkers

Corviknight – Julian

Top 10 Grass-Types

Last week we covered the lovely Water-types, and today we are finishing off the starter type trio, with the Grass-type. Fun fact: I’ve never actually chosen a Grass-type as a starter – the closest one that came to that was Grookey!

So, here’s my list!

10. Leavanny


I have a feeling that my good friend Tim reckons Leavanny should be here, and I agree  (more so for Bug-types than Grass, but I digress). I do hope Leavanny gets into Sword/Shield because it’s such a great Pokemon to use as long as you don’t let it get too close to any Flying- or Fire-types. Leavanny is blessed with great base Attack and Speed stats, and a large amount of beastly Physical attacks by level up and TM, too!

9. Trevenant


Trevenant is the tree of my nightmares (literally, I had a nightmare when I was younger about a tree from my childhood home slamming me onto the ground, Whomping Willow style). While Trevenant is slow, it hits like a truck (just like the tree from my nightmare). Its shiny form is lovely, like autumn (and not like the tree from my nightmare).

8. Appletun


I loved using Gigantamax Appletun for Gmax Kingler Max Raids (Kingler got Max Quake so using an Electric-type was a no-go). Even though I have both Flapple and Appletun, I usually go for Appletun automatically. It’s a slow boy, but it’s tanky enough that it won’t be much of a problem.

7. Whimsicott


I’ve been watching a lot of VGC battles, with a lot of people using a Whimsicott on their team, and it’s clear to see why. It’s fast and relatively bulky, and even with a Trick Room setup, it can utilise its Prankster Ability to make sure that it always goes first while setting up. Now all I need is the Whimsicott Ditto plush.

6. Gourgeist


Gourgeist is Trevenant’s counterpart, but a bit more fun. It’s a great Pumpkin Pokemon, and I like that it comes in four variations: Small Size, Average Size, Large Size and Super Size, each having a different base stat distribution. As of Generation 8, they also have different Pokedex entries. And I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like a good jack-o’-lantern.

5. Decidueye


Considering how much love Rowlet gets, I don’t see enough love given to Decidueye. I’m aware that it’s the third (and last) part-Ghost on this list, but I digress. Decidueye was my go-to False Swiper for my shiny hunting in Ultra Sun, and it really helped – at least until I got a shiny Pangoro on the team for that purpose.

4. Kartana


Kartana is always a funny Pokemon to look at. But it has a place in my list here because it’s design, and also the fact that when I went to shiny hunt one, I got it immediately, without having to soft-reset. Kartana was one of the reasons I went with Sun instead of Moon, and it was worth it. In terms of Special Defense, it’s frail as hell, but it’s a physical behemoth!

3. Breloom


As you may recall, Breloom made the top spot in my Fighting-types list, but narrowly missed out (to be fair, the top two of this list are two of my all-time favourites). I loved using Breloom in Omega Ruby, and I’ve always liked Breloom, but now it’s more than ever. I’d also love to be able to shiny hunt a Shroomish sometime (this is a hint to make Shroomish and Breloom part of the Galar region).

2. Ludicolo


Ludicolo is one of my favourite Pokemon of all time, as is the next on the list. I’ve mentioned a lot about this one in my last post, actually, so I won’t keep you too long with this one. Generally, I love its jolly and carefree nature, as well as how good it actually looked in Detective Pikachu.

1. Roserade


Roserade was one of the mainstays of my Diamond playthrough, and it was so handy to have with its Poison Point Ability. While I don’t seek out having a Roserade in my party for every new Pokemon game (I like using Pokemon from their specific region), it’s a solid part of my Poison-type shiny team.

[Insert Corny Joke Here] – Seedot Community Day Round-Up

Niantic got the Stay-At-Home Edition of Community Day completely right last month, and I was excited to see if they could pull it off again. This time, they gave Seedot the go-ahead. I was happy with this – it wasn’t a highly anticipated Pokemon (much like Mareep and Swinub before it) and it means that Lotad’s counterpart finally gets its chance in the spotlight after Lotad got its own Research Day last year.

Like with Abra Community Day, I decided to mostly stay at home. Well actually I stayed at home for the entire event. I just wasn’t feeling too great and I just wanted to relax. Plus I had a lot of blog work that I wanted to get done in the meantime, so I just popped on some Incense and just rolled with it. It would also be my first Community Day that I spent alone since Swinub (and that was only because of circumstances beyond my control – otherwise it would be Cyndaquil).

There was a live-stream by the Pokemon GO YouTube channel, but alas, it was a bit shit. So I went to Nomeyy‘s stream when she went live.

We also had the following bonuses:

  • 3-hour Incense duration
  • 5 Photobombs
  • Ticket for Seeing Double in the shop
  • 3x Catch XP
  • Evolving a Nuzleaf into Shiftry, or encountering the Shiftry in the Seeing Double Research, would give it the move Bullet Seed.
  • A not-so-worth-it Community Day box in the shop.

We also got word that a lot of people were having issues with their Buddy – in that their Buddy wasn’t bringing Pokeballs as should have been advertised. I can safely say that I’m not surprised. A lot of people were running out of Pokeballs throughout this event.

A bunch of us (communicating through Facebook Messenger) got our first shinies really quickly – I’m talking first five minutes. That never happens to me (Cyndaquil and Mudkip aside). There were a couple of quiet periods without shinies, but it definitely got a bit crazy.

I referred to Buddies of Great Buddy or higher still not giving gifts. My buddy (a 100% Dewott) is my Ultra Buddy that I specifically use for events such as this, and there were no gifts with balls. After the first 45 minutes I decided to feed my Buddy in the hopes that it would give me some balls after that, at least. Nothing happened, and I even changed my Buddy, Poffined it and everything. It seems to be dependent on the player, as I heard some people got items, but then others didn’t (like myself). I definitely could see the impact – having not gone out to spin Pokestops, my once large collection of PokeBalls ended up being whittled down very quickly. On that note, I did contact Niantic Support, and they gave me 300 PokeBalls as compensation. It’s not as many as I would have received normally, but it’s a small token I suppose, and a lot better than nothing.

I remembered the photobombs at least – no shinies from those, sadly.

Altogether, it was so wild. I did go in with my second account for a little bit. Even though I was spending the entire event indoors, I ended up with 25 shiny Seedot, along with a bonus shiny Taillow.

I feel that the shiny rates were increased to gargantuan proportions. I mean, for me anyway. I never usually get this many shinies, but I can’t complain. That was actually my best shiny haul that I’ve had, even beating out Abra Community Day.

Special Research – Seeing Double

I also took part in the Special Research, much like with Abra Community Day. Looking back, it was structured the exact same as with Investigating Illusions from last month, just with Seedot-related encounters instead of Abra. It was okay, I suppose, but it did feel very rehashed.

Part One consisted of:

  • Power up Pokemon 10 times (x10 Pokeballs)
  • Catch 10 Seedot (x20 Seedot candy)
  • Make 5 Nice throws (Seedot encounter)

Part Two consisted of:

  • Catch 15 Seedot (x20 Seedot candy)
  • Transfer 10 Pokemon (Nuzleaf encounter)
  • Evolve 3 Seedot (1,000 XP)

Part Three consisted of:

  • Make 3 Great Curveball throws (x20 Abra candy)
  • Evolve 1 Nuzleaf (x5 Golden Razz Berries)
  • Transfer 10 Pokemon (1,500 XP)

Part Four consisted of:

  • [Already Complete] (5,000 Stardust)
  • [Already Complete] (1,500 XP)
  • [Already Complete] (x5 Silver Pinap Berries)

Altogether it was still worth the price tag, as you got the same items as you did last month (3x Incense, a Poffin and a Rocket Radar). This was actually done quicker than last month’s, somehow. That must be down to already being used to juggling Incense spawns and Research tasks at the same time.